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I'm still trying to work on ideas for a Strigoi Ghoul army and would love some feedback on the below list.

SGK - Ogre Blade, The other tricksters shard, Dragon Bane Gem, Beguile, Flying Horror, Red Fury

Necromancer - Lvl 2, Dispell scroll
Necromancer - Lvl 2, Cursed Book
Necromancer - Lvl 2

39 Crypt Ghouls + 1 Ghast
24 Zombies - Standard
5 Dire Wolves

6 Crypt Horrors
6 Crypt Horrors

Mortis Engine - Blasphemous Tome

I'm still going for an atrittion list with 3 level 2's acting as 3 level 4's in my magic phase togeather with the cursed book to provide a strong regrow and buffing/debuffing magic phase.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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