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2000 point High Elves

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I'm scrapping the Empire army because it'll be a bit expensive. SO here is a much cheaper IoB inspired army.


Archmage 290
Level 4
Jewel of Dusk
Channeling Staff
(High Magic)


Mage 175
Level 2
Seerstaff of Saphery
Silver Wand
(Metal or Shadow?)

Noble 153
Armour of Fortune
Great Weapon


Lothern Sea Gaurd 400
25 Models
Full Command
Banner of Scorcery

Lothern Sea Gaurd 350
25 Models
Full Command


Sword Masters 330
20 Models
Full Command

Ellyrian Reavers 105
5 Models


Bolt Thrower 100

Bolt Thrower 100

Total: 2003

The characters go in the LSG. (I'm still undecided on which lores to go for). More or less a gunline style army.

I do have some worries about this army though. Firstly, the LSG units arent as big as I would like them to be, neither are the Swordmasters. They are gonna get a lot of hate thrown their way but I'm not sure they can stand up to it.

Secondly, will 5 lonely Reavers be enough to hunt down Warmachines and stuff?

Also any advice on a lore for my mage?
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I'd make a couple of subtle changes here. . .

1. I could be mistaken, as I don't have my army book in front of me, but I'm fairly certain that the "First Among Equals" rule only allows you a 25 pt magic banner for your Seaguard; the Banner of Sorcery is 50 pts if I'm not mistaken. So, you'll need to switch that to your Sword Masters if you wanna take it. Either the Standard of Discipline or the Banner of Arcane Protection would be better choices for your Seaguard.

2. I tried using a Lvl 4 with High Magic when 8th ed first came out, because the spells are so easy to cast with a +4 (or more, depending on items). The problem is High Magic is just not offensive enough to offset the cost of the Archmage. So, he will struggle to kill ~400 pts of models only using Wrath of Khaine/Vaul's Unmaking, etc. The Lore of Life, as the guy above mentioned, has Dwellers, which is incredibly offensive, plus some buffs that make your Swordmasters redonkulous. Maybe consider switching the lores between your two mages especially if you are set on Shadows or Metal.

3. I don't agree with taking Eagles over Reavers. Reavers get to shoot. Reavers get standards. Reavers are 5 wounds for a small unit; Eagles are much less.

4. You can't take the Seerstaff and the Silver Wand. They're both Arcane.

Good luck with the army. Always nice to see a fellow Asur.
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