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So I created a Necrons 2k point list using both a Combined Arms Detachment and a Decurion Formation. I love the abilities and concepts of the Decurion formation but I am not willing to give up Obj Sec, or rerolling WL traits. So my warlord will be the CCB, the Cryptek will deep strike with the Flayed Ones (I know people have mixed opinions on them, but with 4+/4+++ and that many attacks I definitely love the idea). My troops will try to steal Objs or hold them on their own. The sole overlord will go with my 15 warriors to give them 4+/4+++(reroll 1s)/Ghost Ark Repair. Let me know your opinions on the list and the tactics please, I'm pretty excited to try it out!

Combined Arms Detachment
Catacomb Command Barge - 205
Guass Cannon, Warscythe, Gauntlet of Fire, Phase Shifter, Phylactery
Cryptek - 100
The Veil of Darkness, Staff of Light, Mindshackle Scarabs

Warriors x10 - 260
Night Scythe
Warriors x10 - 235
Ghost Ark

Flayed Ones x10 - 130
Trairch Stalker x1 - 125
Decurion Formation
Reclamation Legion
Overlord - 105
Staff of Light, Resurrection Orb
Immortals x5 - 85
Gauss Blasters
Tomb Blades x3 - 66
Nebuloscopes, Shieldvanes, TL Gauss Blasters
Warriors x15 - 195
Warriors x10 - 235
Ghost Ark

Canoptek Harvest
Canoptek Spyder x1 - 50
Canoptek Wraiths x3 - 129
Whip Coils
Canoptek Scarabs x4 - 80

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This looks like a really good list. My usual opponent plays necrons, and I would be pretty scared if they brought this list. One thing though, it depends on who you are playing, but mindshackle scarabs are useless against most armies now, so you could probably invest points somewhere else.

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I think the Decurion can reroll Warlord Traits IF you use the Royal Court instead, but in the end it means you'd need one extra Lord or Cryptek to do what you wanted (since you only have 3 HQ, and a CAD + Royal Court requires at least 4).

What you can do, just be eke as much as possible, is you can move the Flayed ones over to the Decurion side. I'm pretty sure one squad of Flayed Ones is a Decurion formation, which would give it the improved Protocols, since it gets nothing from ObjSec. Actually, if you do that, you don't NEED the cryptek with it for the 4++ Protocols, since the Decurion gives it. Unless you're afraid of further modifiers.

I'm personally not a fan of the Decurion for one simple reason: my favorite Necron unit is the Triarch Stalker, and it comes with 2 squads of praetorians as a tax. Therefore, I almost exclusively build around the Mephrit Dynasty list.
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