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HQ -

- Terminator Libby
- Biker Libby

- Ravenwing Command Squad - Standard of Devastation, Champ

Elites -

- Deathwing Squad (x3) - 2x TH/SS, AC, CF

Troops -

- Tactical Squad (x2) - Flamer, ML
- Scout Snipers - Cloaks

Fast Attack -

Ravenwing Attack Squad (x2)

Aegis Defense Line - Quad Gun


A bit concerned with lack of tanks but maybe that's just me being conscious of my mech BA army. Bummed that there aren't any proper DA formations, which is a shame as DA would probs be the kings of formations haha. just wanted to use all the best bits of the DA, let me know what you think :)

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the bike and terminator libby really arent that good..make one good one.
if your going to use the ravenwing take Sammy it will help maximize the troops and the banner of devastation.also belial tho not that great a non scattering DW on turn 1 is quite helpful.
at 2k run the command squad of 5 guys with a grenade lauancher its really good.
just a few thoughts
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