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Abaddon- 275 (1)
Ahriman- 250 (1)

Terminators- 150 (5)

Heavy Support
Land Raider- 220 (1)
Defiler- 150 (1)

Chaos Space Marines- 150 (10)
Berzerkers of Khorne- 252 (12)
Thousand Sons- 230 (10)
Plague Marines- 184 (8)

Mark of Khorne- 30 (Termies)/icon
Mark of Khrone- 30 (CSM)/icon
Flamer(CSM)- 5
Heavy Bolter-10 (CSM)
Extra Armour-15 (LR)
Twin Lightning Claws- 50 (Termies)

Total-1998 points
Hey, dont be afraid to criticize anything, im open to any help i can get to make a stronger force.

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Your list is set out in a way that is a little hard to understand.

I would drop the MoK off the CSM, and replace it with an IoCG. Also run the unit with a Champ and Power Fist, and 2 Meltaguns.

Berzerkers need a Champ with Power Fist too.

You also need all of your Troops in Rhino's.

Give the Land Raider Daemonic Possession instead of Extra Armour.

Not really a fan of the HQ's. Only 3 HQ's i believe are worth the points (Prince w MoN WT Wings, Prince w MoS LoS Wings, or Kharn).

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I have to agree the list how it's written out is hard to follow. Just list wargear next to the units.

Abaddon is a massive point sink so is Ahirman. Also you can only get 10 Terminators in a Land Raider so I'm not sure where Abaddon is going.

Chaos Land Raider is meh but at least gets those combat Terminators into range; nice setup btw on those.

All troops need Rhinos and I cannot tell much more I'm afriad :(
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