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BOWB, wyvern, sword of battle, kickin boots, collar of zorga

GBB, Boss at, wollopa's, battle standerd

BOBB, boar, hvy armour, sheild

BOBB, hvy armour, sheild

25 Orc boy'z, sheild, FC
35 Goblins, sheild, standerd, musican
35 Goblins, sheild, standerd, musican
5 spider riders, musican
5 spider riders, musican

15 Black Orcs, Standerd, nogg's banner
5 Savage Pig'uns, spears, standerd
2 chukka's

3 trolls
1 doom diver

1990 pts.

Don't expect to see any magic, playing a khorne warroirs player, and a dwarf player.

Wyvern takes on big beasties w/ the collar. or flanks to help weaker units

Boar BOBB rides w/ savage pig'uns and baby sits trolls

BOBB on foot marches w/ reg orcs, gobs, or BO's

Gob Battle standerd runs w/ either reg orcs, or gob to help w/ combat res

The 35 gobs is a tried and tru tactic that gives mt 5 static combat res and a cc save of 4+ so dont make fun of them.. cause they can own your foot troops Waaaaaaghhhhhh...
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