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I would probably drop the shooting on the keeper, and give him/her/it hit&run with musk.

The masque sadly isn't that great, at all. two wounds at toughness three, and not being able to hide out in a squad is just.. bad.
For 10 points less, you could get a Herald of Slaanesh on chariot with might and musk, basically making it a superfiend.

In elites, I would rock up on as many fiends as possible in the FOC ;)
But flamers can do the trick of de-meching just fine.

I would beware the large deepstrike footprint of the large Daemonette squads, but it shouldn't pose a problem. Maybe cut them down to 12 a squad, but that's a non-issue, really.

I would keep Plaguebearers to the minimum squadsize. Just cuz' they do just as fine as 5 as they would be with more if you clunk them down in cover and go to ground. And it's cheaper! :D

If anything, I would get tongue on the Soulgrinders. Yes, I realize the poor BS is an issue. But honestly, would you give up the chance to actually deal with land raiders over that? You've got other means to take on infantry.
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