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You're only over by 19 or so points from what I can tell. Vaz made some really good points. He also made an oversight or two but he's helped me before so we'll forgive him!

I do love the bikes. White Scars can do it better but if you have an Angels army then by all means they aren't terrible. The scout and teleport homers are great assets for allies. I also love the stand alone Objsec attack bike. It's just fun when people forget it's objsec.

Terminators just aren't what they used to be. Very expensive for durability that's really not all that durable. Plus they lack mobility.

The flyers are pretty bad. Can't wait for a rules update on these guys.

Since you have to have Sammael in your primary detachment to make bikes troops, I wouldn't recommend putting him in an allied detachment.

Bike command squads are cheaper than Black Knights by a little, but can't bring any more models. But can bring the Banner of Devastation making those bolters on your relentless bikes Salvo 4 and still twin-linked. More shots at more range. You could eat hordes alive by just staying out of charge range and mowing them down.

If you're dying for some terminator support I'd recommend the Space Wolves' Wolf Guard Void Claws formation. For 240pts you can run 5 deepstriking S5 Shredding terminators that auto arrive first turn, then allow you to reroll reserves as long as they're alive. Good synergy with those bikes, fluff aside. But there are other ways to get reserve manipulation.

I'm not too sure about spending 600 points on 3 Stormravens when you could take the Stormwing formation and bring a Raven and two talons in one reserve roll, rerollable with the Void Claws. I run mine with Twin-Linked Las all around and a Melta on the Raven for anti-armor/MC/FMC.

I'm a bit iffy on the Libbie too. A single psyker can easily be Denied every turn. The Culexus Assassin makes the game's best psyker defense. I highly recommend looking up the Officio Assassinorum dataslate on Google.

What I would take would be something like:

200 Sammael
185 3x Command Squad (Banner of Dev)

291 6x Bikes (No Upgrades), MM Attack Bike, Typhoon Speeder
291 6x Bikes (No Upgrades), MM Attack Bike, Typhoon Speeder
236 6x Bikes (No Upgrades), Typhoon Speeder
90 5x Tactical Squad (Lascannon)

75 Imperial Bunker w/ Comms

480 Stormwing
-Stormraven (TLMM, TLLC)
-Stormtalon (TLLC)
-Stormtalon (TLLC)

140 Culexus Assassin

This leaves you 12 points, plenty of flyer support, lots of anti-tank, horde control, and a touch of plasma.

This all is of course if you don't want to run a pure DA army. Since I painted up my White Scars I've kind of ignored my Ravenwing unless mixing in heavy allies (mixing Wolf Lords with scouting bikes, and Sammael with Thunderwolves is fun, especially conferring hit&run and skilled rider), and I haven't used my Deathwing in so long that I can't remember if I painted them bone white or if they've just collected that much dust!

I hope at least some of this was helpful, or even got some ideas popping up for you. I'm sure no matter what you field it'll still be fun!

I love this list. The Stormwing Formation is awesome. And you can still paint the flyers in DA colors, if you wanted too.
Only thing I don't like, is the Culexus Assassin. Only because it makes the list unbound.
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