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Firstly, this is an illegal list; you need to have either Azrael or Sammael to use Ravenwing as Troops, so they are technically still FA; and you have 5 choices of that.

The Dark Angel Fighters suck terribly. Compare 180pts for a TL'd BS5 Lascannon, Heavy bolter and with S6 Missiles, versus 200pts for a Stormraven - which provides the same, but Melta immunity and 12/12/12 AV and a Transport Capacity for 20pts more.

If you want flyers, you want Space Marines for that. For a 175pt tax (Mastery 1 Librarian, 2x 5 Scouts), you can pick up to 3 Stormravens as a Heavy Flyer (200pts for TL'd Lascannon on Turret, multimelta, and S8 AP2 Missiles with a Transport Capacity, versus 180pts for a TL BS5 Lascannon, Heavy Bolters and S6 AP4 Missiles, no Transport... no comparison).

You have a ton of Knights. 465pts in Terminators 2+/3++ Save Terminators, tough as they are, are still only Terminators. Unless you stay close together, in which case the large volume of S7+ AP2 weaponry that Tau and Orks can potentially put out render those defences useless.

In short, look at the models you wish to field;

11 Terminators
18 Bikes
2 AV11 Flyers.

That's... nothing, compared to what Orks, Nids and Grey Knights can bring. GKT's with Hammers. I don't really play Dark Angels, and can't much offer advice than *don't*.

They have some niche units; such as Black Knights.


Allied Detach 1 ~600
Ravenwing Command Squad, Apothecary, Ravenwing Grenade Launcher, Blade of Caliban
Black Knights, Grenade Launcher
Black Knights, Grenade Launcher

Allied Detach 2 ~350ish
Librarian, Divination, Mastery 2, Space Marine Bike, Powerfield Generator
Ravenwing Command Squad, Apothecary, Ravenwing Grenade Launcher, Blade of Caliban

This leaves you around 1k ish pts to spend elsewhere;

For example, Space Marines;

White Scars Captain, Bike
2x Squads of Bikers (+1 Member, 2x Gravguns, Attack bike, Multimelta)
1x Storm Talon, Skyhammer Missile Launcher or Lascannons
2x Stormravens, any one of Lascannon/Asscan/Plasma Cannon+Multimelta

This should come in at 2k points. I couldn't fit the Terminators in, but dropping Sammael's detachment lets you drop a ton of points into a Deathwing Knight squad if you wish.

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