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Hi all,

I know everybody bashes on the dragon's effectiveness, but I really want to build a 2000 point list with him. I don't care which flavor of dragon. For this list, I have made him a moon dragon. The mage will go in the Phoenix Guard unit. The idea is that everybody rushes to get in combat as soon as possible.

Please be harsh. I want to win games. Aside from just army composition suggestions, comments on tactics would also be appreciated. Thanks guys!

Prince on Moon Dragon
- great weapon
- golden crown
- enchanted shield
- potion of strength

Mage of High Magic
- level 2
- dispel scroll
- channeling staff

18 Silverhelms
- standard bearer
- shields

5 Reavers
- bows

2 lion chariots

- talons

5 Dragon Princes

25 Phoenix Guard
- champion
- banner
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