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HQ-Librarian: Terminator armor w/combi flamer, epistolary
Null zone/Gate of infinity

HQ-Chaplain: Terminator armor

TROOPS-Tactical squad x10: Flamer, Multimelta, Sgt. Power fist/bolt pistol
Rhino/Hunter seeker missle

TROOPS-Tactical squad x10: Flamer, Multimelta, Sgt. Power fist/bolt pistol
Rhino/Hunter seeker missle

TROOPS-Scouts x5: 4 snipers 1 missle launcher, camo cloaks

ELITES-Terminator assault squad x5: 5 TH/SS in land raider redeemer
(Chaplain goes with them)

ELITES-Terminator Squad x5: Cyclone missle launcher
(Libby goes with them)

ELITES-Ironclad Dreadnought: Hurricane bolter, Hammer with melta
Drop pod


HEAVY-Predator: TL lascannon, lascannon sponsons

comes out to 1995. P.S. only reason i have the triple las pred is because i built it that way and its a tourney. Also i figured i had the points so i would throw it in. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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Since you seem to be down with Termies... Here's my Termie list for 2K

Librarian in Terminator Armor
Terminator Assault Squad – 4 w/ Thunder hammer, Sgt with LC – In a Land Raider Redeemer with Multi Melta
Two10 man Tactical squads with ML and Flamer in Razorbacks (TL Las)
Two Rifleman Dreads
Three Typhoons
Three Preds (Autocannon and Las sponsons)

You short yoursef on Scoring units in order to run the Termies... It's not the most effective build IMO...

Here's just a generic codex build...

3x Typhoons
3x Rifleman Dreads
3x Auto/Las Preds
2x Full Tac squad (ML, Flamer, Sgt w/ Powerweapon) in TL Las Razorback
2x 5 man Tac squad in TL Las Razorback

Caveat is that I tend to really like shooty Codex marine armies... so I build my lists around them.... But when you start counting up the shooting threats available... they will punish any army that dosen't have a decent ammt of shooting threats (though I struggle vs Horde Orks... but it's certainly winnable)

Also, if you really dig lots of termies... check out this list from Kirby's blog...
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