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Libby - Shield blood lance - 100

Brother Curbulo - 105
Sanguinary Priest - Jump Pack Power Weapon - 90
Assault Terminator - 3x LC 2x TH/SS - 210
- Land Raider Crusader - Extra Armor Melta - 275

RAS - 2x Melta PF - 235
RAS - 2x Melta PF -235
RAS - 2x Flamer PF - 225

Fast Attack
Baal Predator - Heavy Bolter Storm Bolter -155
Baal Predator - Heavy Bolter Storm Bolter -155
Land Speeder x3 - Melta Heavy Flamer - 210

With this layout I have 5 points left over and have no idea what to use it on. I know the Land raider isnt fast but it provides great cover and has a priest and a libby in it giving everything around it awesome things. I included a second priest simply because I know I will not be able to go in a straight line with all my units so when they split the second priest and jump off with the other squads. Tell me how you think this list would fair. Thanks.
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