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I played an air cav similar to this list with two scion squads, two fewer vendettas, no primaris psyker, three bullgryns and only two vet squads with the avengers replaced by a punisher vulture, 3 sentinels and with a wall of martyrs line - note that you need to start with 50% of your army on the board (I'm pretty sure) so the CCS and Vets in terrain/the defence line need to weather the storm turn 1 at least, which is where those sentinels really helped by throwing down some heavy firepower.
The scions in the transports ended up being a pain, next time I'll only do that if they have an independent character attached, as the opportunity to drop them comes second to clearing their drop zone - which led to some of them dying through mishaps on their aerial insertion and the rest finding themselves in hot water rather quickly. It wasn't until my bullgryns arrived after they'd finished shielding my CCS and beating the everlivings out of a DA librarian that the objective was secured.

The list did make for a rather nail biting, fun game though. It would be fun to play against a traitor list with hellblade support.
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