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Hi there everyone

I recently brought some dark angel Death-wing termies , and i popped the list up on here and had some feedback that i needed some raven wing and maybe some dreadnought support.

I've had 3 games and i do want to introduce some Raven-wing just for more mobility.

Belial – Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield - 190 Points
Sammael- 200 points

Deathwing Knights- 5 man- 235 Points
Venerable Dreadnought- Plasma Cannon, extra Armour– 145 points
Drop Pod-35 points

DeathWing Squad – 5 man – Cyclone Launcher – 245 Points
DeathWing Squad – 5 man – Cyclone Launcher – 245 Points
Ravenwing Attack Squad- 5 bikes- 2 meltaguns – 154 points
Ravenwing Attack Squad- 5 Bikes- 2 flamers – 144 points

RavenWing Knights- 5 Bikes- 1 grenade launcher- 210 points
Raven Support – 2 Land Speeders- Heavy Bolters – 100 points
Raven Support – 2 Land Speeder- Heavy Flamers – 100 points

2003 points


I'd keep all my Deathwing in reserve as well as my dreadnought and will use deathwing assault to bring them in turn 2 for the knights and belial near enemy HQ/ Tanks to try and cause as much havoc as possible. While my deathwing termies will deep strike near objectives.

I will send sammael with the knights to take out IC's and Tanks and anything important, while the bikers with flamers will harass troops , and the other bikers with meltas.

Land speeders (who i don't expect to last long) will just harass troops on objectives with bolter and flamers, and my dreadnought will be another tank/IC hunter.

My opponents will be very varied as we always play gauntlet (like game after one another with the same list) my friends usually play tau, custom marines, imperial guard, daemons, and CSM

so really a mixed bag of opponents so need quite a varied/ jack of all trades list

So before i start buying these units to build this list any alterations ?

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drop the dreadnaught for a ravening command squad with the banner of Dev and an apothecary.
with the banner it just makes all your shots count..
Belial is ok but you can make a better Character that does a better job with the mace of redemption..
unless of course your stuck on the deep striking..but remember the bikes all have homing beacons and scout so you should need belials ability..
just some thoughts
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