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im probably playing a kill team today, 200 points.
im unsure because i may end up playing a regular game but i was wondering what you thought of the list i was planing to use.

wolf guard x5
1x storm bolter
2x bolter
1x terminator
assault cannon

land speeder
2x heavy bolter


or i was also thinking of maybe using a squad of 2 speeders with 2 heavy bolters like this.

wolf guard x3
2x storm bolters
1 terminator with wolf claw

land speeder squad (2)
2 with 2x heavy bolters

but i feel this list has way too few bodies. they have to kill 3 models for me to start with the LD checks. but i did like the land speeders with heavy bolters. and since they are in a squad of vehicles im unsure if they stay a squad in kill teams.

the other main lists i though of was just spamming terminators or using all wolf guard with storm bolters. that or using plain grey hunters with fenrisian wolves and a speeder.


6 grey hunters
plasma gun

5x fenrisain wolves

land speeder
2x heavy bolters


now you have 12 modles, they have to kill 6 but it isn't hard to kill fenrisian wolves.

honestly i think ill use the first one. higher LD than grey hunters, 6 models total, they have to kill 3, not hard but kinda tough. plus one is a terminator and one is a land speeder. plus i'll still have plenty of shots due to the land speeder, 6 S5 shots at BS4 that can still move 6" and shoot everything or move 12" and shoot 1 gun isn't bad at all, plus it can move 24" to contest an objective. and at only a little more than a quarter of the list it isn't too expensive. cost the same as 4 grey hunters, 2 less shots, but S5 not S4 and more mobile. what do you guys think?

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I've played a few kill team games now. They're quite fun. Important things to be conscious of are the overall survivability of your individual models (including optional bonus abilities if you do that) and number of models you bring. I find that the below 50% strength leadership tests are a very real worry. My first game I went with the 5 man wolf guard squad and managed to win due to my opponent's jump infantry wanting to tangle with my terminators and losing out in the survivability fight. I highly reccommend getting crazy with your choices and experimenting with units you dont normally deploy. Quick games mean the sting of defeat doesnt last long :) For instance, we allowed dedicated transports for a few games and I went with an Iron priest borrowing a rhino with a compliment of servitors to keep the rhino repaired. I did lose in the the end, but it was fun :)

Any cheap way to add power weapons and invulnerable saves is probably going to be a noticable improvement, but it all comes down to how shooty your opponents are and how well you can use terrain. I like your choices however, they are thrifty and versatile and have an emphasis on mobility.
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