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200 Point Kill team tournmaent List

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My store is running a kill team tournament.and receantly they have been playing fantasy so there doing this to spark intrest into 40 back.I plan on running this

10 Grey Hunters-2 Plasma,Power Weapon,Mark of the wulfen 200

I am open to other ideas...even other races just shoot.I really want to win
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you can take 0-1 elites, 0-2 troops, 0-1 fast, as far as other restrictions, the book made no mention... this is the expansion book which is the most recent (if i'm not mistaken) when it comes to kill teams.

no mention of ++saves, no mention of 2+...

i personally like my list of
1 squad of space marine bikes, 4 strong, 1 attack bike... power weapon, 2 x meltaguns, and a multimelta on the attack bike. it comes out to 200 points exactly. though on occasion i have dumped the multimelta for a powerfist...
yeah my post was battle missions rules, which allows for some amazing lists to be used for 200 points.

my list is a bike squad 4 normal bikes, 2 meltaguns, powerweapon on the sergeant, and 1 attack bike with multimelta. i've absolutly wrecked tau multiple times with this list. eldar just cry in a corner (i charge them turn 2 and then they can no longer hurt me lol - str 3 vs toughness 5 is sorta epic take that howling banshees)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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