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Apologies for this drop in quality compared to my previous batreps guys, but I'm a bit pressed for time and this game was so big that it was hard to recall details exactly - especially after post-game drinks!

Please forgive any lapses in detail, inconsistencies with pictures and lack of narrative story telling to break up the report.

My list can be found here:

His list i can't figure out exactly because the points I get on army builder are not quite right for the game size... But I think it was:

Abaddon (Warlord)
Kharn the Betrayer
Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour and 4+ invuln
Chaos Lord in power armour and 4+ invuln
Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeench with jump pack and 4+ invuln
Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle with Bike and 4+ invuln
Demon Prince of Tzeench with wings
Warpsmith with unknown upgrades

Chaos Dreadnaught with TL Lascannon and ?
Hellbrute with PC and Thunderhammer
10 x Chaos terminators in 2 squads with 2 dedicated transport landraiders
9x Khorne berserkers in a dedicated land raider (With Kharn)

5 x Chaos Space Marines, unknown upgrades
5 x Chaos Space Marines, unknown upgrades
5 x Chaos Space Marines, unknown upgrades
5 x Chaos Space Marines, unknown upgrades
5 x Chaos Space Marines, unknown upgrades
5 x Chaos Space Marines, unknown upgrades
6 x Chaos Space Marines, plasma gun, unknown other upgrades.

Fast Attack
6 x Helldrakes in 2 formations, each with 2x Baleflamers and 1 x Hades Autocannon
5 x Raptors with melta gun (maybe melta bombs?) (with jump pack sorcerer)
10 x Warp Talons

Heavy Support
4 x Predator Annihilators with extra armour.
3 x Vindicators with extra armour
2 x Forge fiends, one with plasma, one with autocannons
2 x Maulerfiends, one with tendrils of some sort.
9 x Obliterators, fielded individually.

Lords of War
1 x Chaos warhound titan with super bolter and plasma blast gun.
2 x Lord of Skulls with two different loadouts.

3 x Firestorm Batteries as a Firestorm Nexus
Aegis defence line
Aquilla Macro Cannon
2 x Vengeance Weapon Battery with punisher cannon and battle cannon.

I won first turn, and set up first.
Guard Deployment:

Tightly packed, meaning I wouldn't be seeing much deep striking inside my deployment zone. However, it was a gamble on how many blast templates I could stop before turn 1 Chaos...

Chaos deployment:

He failed to get the initiative, which was lucky for me.
His six helldrakes swooped 60" and vector struck along my line at the start of my
turn, doing some damage but, thanks to my dense deployment messing with his ability to fly over models without leaving the board, not as much as it could have. He still chose to do a quick flyover with some and took hullpoints off a collection of vehicles.

I had a very limited movement phase, but he had delayed me a lot with his hesitation and consideration of his vector strikes... I only had 25 minutes left in my turn! He cleverly deployed a 'blind barrage' strategic card at the start of my shooting phase, meaning that half his army was screened from direct fire. I charged my Imperial Knight Errant forward towards his predator annihilator line, jockeyed some tanks and then activated my first of two strategic assets - 'Earth Shattering Bombardment'. This allowed all four of my manticores to fire all of their missiles on the first turn. I rolled well, with an eight, eight, nine and eight result for each. Damage was serious, with his terminator bearing land raiders immobilised, a vindicator destroyed, his firestorm nexus almost destroyed, a collection of hull points taken from his warhound titan (not pictured because he didn't want to put the torso on the legs for fear of someone knocking the table and killing it) and two lord of skulls, and his macro cannon destroyed. A good result. My warhound and plasma obliterator fired, but they were thwarted by the lord of skull's demon saves... for now. Time went and I didn't get a chance to fire my shadowsword, baneblades or leman russ tanks, leaving me a bit peeved but overall quite satisfied by the results.

In his first turn, he brought in some limited reserves such as his melta raptor squad, with an attached sorceror, and those heldrakes who had flown off in my turn. He has some incredible luck now, activating his 'demon shell' strategic card, and firing a single shot strength D boltround at my imperial knight. He then rolls a six on the table, ignoring its shield and blowing it sky high! To follow that up, he rumbles forward with lords of skulls, wounded titan and a whole collection of forgefiends. His heldrakes get to work with hades autocannons and vector strikes, killing a chimera and damaging some tanks. His lord of skulls each fired, destroying two leman russ and damaging the macharius vanquisher. The titan fired, damaging everything in the back corner, and then his maulerfiends charged in making a 12" charge to crash into my executioner and destroy it! The forces of chaos ended their turn closer in the centre and left flank and actually assaulting my line on the right flank, with Helldrakes the whole way across my line causing havoc.

At the start of my turn two, the bulk of my imperial navy force arrived... an ill fated flight. The Avenger Strike Fighter was, after some hesitation over targets by the opponents, intercepted and brought down by lascannon fire from the firestorm nexus (despite its damage). The enemy icarus autocannon stripped two hull points and a pair of weapons from the Thunderbolt. I chose to use the 're-arm' strategic card, and then tried to dogfight his helldrakes - but despite three vendettas, a thunderbolt and a hydra being on the table, I only managed to collectively strip three hull points and cause a locked velocity! The ground forces had much greater success, manticores firing their one rocket each wrecked the terminator's land raiders and shook a vindicator, the baneblades made short work of the two predator annihilators and their attendant warpsmith, the titan killed the firestorm nexus for good, the shadowsword killed the enemy titan and the macro cannon sent the two lord of skulls up with a boom! All did not go to plan though, a baneblade demolisher cannon scattered back onto the squadron and clipped one of them, stripping another hull point from the lead tank. The titan rolled a 'gets hot' on his plasma blast gun and deals a hull point of damage to himself as well.
Even the crumpling right flank has some relief, with a maulerfiend dispatched and the raptors reduced in number.

From this point I thought I had the game in the bag, but turn 2 chaos brought some nasty surprises. These started with the effectiveness that 6 helldrakes will have when vector striking 5 Imperial navy flyers - in short order, I was reduced from 4 to two flyers, each with hull points missing and one down a twin linked lascannon. Next, another of those predator annihilators arrived on his fortified hill and commenced putting fire down onto my baneblades. He then deep struck from reserves 9 individual obliterators, scattering only one of them back into reserves. He now had a much bolstered right flank and a lethal force in front of my baneblades. His plasma toting forge fiend moved up and damaged a leman russ, and his forces on my right flank killed another two or three leman russ. His vindicators moved up behind his new obliterator front and opened fire on my baneblades as well, leaving one of them on a precarious one hull point and another heavily damaged. The macro cannon also saw some incoming fire, reducing it to two structure points.

Turn 3 guard saw me thunderblitz a trio of obliterators with my baneblades, killing two but losing a hull point from my right tank in return. My vultures came on along with my melta vet squad but the demolisher squadron, wyverns and tech priest squad all couldn't fit and stayed off the board. The titan overheated its plasma again and lost a hull point again! More devastation was wrought on chaos, the Khorne berserker's landraider was destroyed and then shortly afterwards they were, leaving Kharn on one health staring down a baneblade lascannon... the encounter did not go well for him. However, despite not swinging an axe, he didn't die without cost for in killing the landraider, a primary weapon scattered a full 12" backwards onto my lead baneblade! (I detected a worrying trend here...) the Baneblade was of course penetrated, and exploded, doing further damage to its squadron mates, but allowing a chimera behind to 'flat out' forward and make space for reinforcements to come through behind. The right flank is feeling slimmer, but the appearance of the melta vets saves the day, killing one obliterator whilst the remaining forces deal with the other. The vultures had poor luck, being intercepted on the way in and one losing its twin linked punisher cannon. Shots plink off power armour and helldrake alike and one pilot sees his doom coming fast.

Turn 3 Chaos continues its ragged advance, bringing yet another predator annihilator replacement into the field, using helldrakes to great effect and knocking out two manticores, another vendetta, a vulture and probably some other stuff. His forces on my right flank kill the last leman russ, leaving the hydra, a damaged manitcore and my chimera-bound melta vets as the last forces in the corner and the only forces with a chance at defending my shadowsword. His obliterator, aware of this, blasts it with melta and strips a hull point. He sends in more reserves to try and force this flank, with an autocannon forge fiend and a hellbrute with plasma cannon and thunderhammer entering. The centre of the board sees the entry of reinforcements as well, with a nurgle psyker on bike revving his way onto the battlefield. He tried to bolster the left flank with a supreme squad of 10 warp talons, who deep strike in close to the board edge... and then just sit there... while the obliterators remaining kill the second baneblade, leaving just one to go.

In my turn 4 the demolishers and tech priest finally arrive, blasting their way on to the battlefield and ending the plasma forgefiend's incursion into my table half. The tech priest fails to repair the titan, but on the plus side the titan doesn't get hot this turn! Unfortunately, the full fire of the titan and macro cannon and both remaining leman russ fail to kill the nurgle bike sorceror, who waves them all away with his 2+ cover save or 4+ invulnerable save. My baneblade rams the lead vindicator and kills it, shoots the warp talons and reduces them to a mere few and tries but fails to destroy the trailing vindicator. My Macharius vanquisher, a quiet achiever, polishes off the last predator annihilator. The Shadowsword does nothing particularly impressive but does manage to kill the last obliterator on the board, and the guardsmen squad disembark and unleash all their fire on the jump pack sorceror, finally killing him with the last shot. Somewhere along the line, the hellbrute's hammer is confiscated by a weapon destroyed result. Harker disembarks with his crew, and as the plasma obliterator fortification turns all of abbadon's bodyguard into a fine wisp of smoke, harker unleashes with his heavy bolter Payback, which hits Abaddon, rends, and takes his last hit point when his invulnerable save is failed!

Turn 4 Chaos was reasonably successfull, despite the immense casualties that they had taken. The last vindicator puts a round on the baneblade doing d3 hull points, and a charge by the nearby chaos dreadnaught puts the nail in the coffin for it... without even the courtesy of being immolated in the catastrophic damage result! A helldrake decided that harker didn't need the kudos and burned him and his squad to a crisp, and another helldrake thought that this was such a good idea that it did the same thing to the melta vets in the crater in the centre of the board. The melta vets on the right flank didn't get a chance to hide either, as their chimera was destroyed by the hades autocannon from another helldrake. In the centre, the few remaining Chaos Space Marines sheltering in the ruins of the Firestorm Nexus make a break for the centre objective, but roll poorly and are stuck halfway there. The nurgle sorceror shoots forward and kills an IG primaris psyker who was foolishly trying to cast banishment all game... On the right flank, the forge fiend and hellbrute advance steadily, firing as they go. They do some damage to vehicles around the center right of my line. Chaos may be thin on the ground, but they are proving implacable in their determination!

Turn 5 - I kill the nurgle bike sorceror with a lot of firepower. It took a lot more than I felt it should! The tech priest again fails to repair the titan, the incompetent buffoon! The Leman Russ Demolishers take revenge for the killing of the baneblade, killing the warp talons and the Chaos dreadnaught, but an unluck scatter hits the Macro Cannon bastion and destroys it! Strachan survives the traumatic experience and runs into the adjacent bunker to shelter from the baleflamey weather. I pin the marines down who were making a break for the centre objective and clear the enemy off their objective, thinking now that I can conclusively declare a victory soon...

But Chaos turn 5 has one more play up the opponent's sleeve, and he hovers his helldrakes! They burninate the techpriest and the right flank melta vets and coast over to contest my objective, seeing as they'd cleared away troops and left only tanks on it! The Chaos space marines in the centre, pinned, are unable to seize the centre objective, and the other ragged remnants of the chaos army are too far away to recapture their objective. The day is done, with a tie for both sides and mass destruction on the board.

It was an epic game, and though good attitudes waivered about the turn 3 mark with a lot of 'show me the rules' calls being made, the majority of the game was highly enjoyable. We tied 11-11 on victory points, which was fitting for such an awesome game. The 45 minute turns only limited us on the first turn and were much more of a disadvantage to me, which I did not expect. The game lasted from about 10am until 3.30 that afternoon, with no breaks. I'm much happier about this style of game than the games with huge numbers of people, and next time I think I'll make sure that there are no more than 4 players, though hopefully I'll get a full weekend to allow turns to go longer and my artillery to have even more effect!
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