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plastic Baneblades, carefully assembled and painted by experienced painter, both used once in large Apoc game with friends, we only meet to play once a year, so now for sale. Painted in Cadian colours, as the box photo. Extremely well painted in my opinion, I don't think one will be dissappointed. Asking £85 each including free delivery by 3 day courier (but must be to business address/your work, due to additonal courier charges to private addresses) thanks

other stuff for sale -

Eldar 3 jet bikes, 1 with shurrican cannon. 18 Guardians, mix of plastic and metal earlier style (Jes Goodwin models) 5 swooping hawks, 1 swoop exarch, 8 fire dragons, 1 fire d exarch, 3 dark reapers, 1 scout. (All metal Jes Goodwin figures, not latest sculpts) 1 old style scatter laser platform(very old style) 2 x scatter lasers from walkers. Most figures well painted, included swoop hawk exarch conversion on rock. £25 the lot including postage by special delivery Or swap for your GW spares? what have you

GW Imp Guard Stormtroopers 20 figures, including sgts with plasma pistols, 2 meltas, 2 plasma guns. Models are older metal style stormtroopers with gas masks, all with bases and base colours, could be used as is, or detailed up to make completed paint job £22 including postage by first class

9 chaos terminators 9 metal chaos terminators, including 2 reaper autocannons, undercoated and neatly assembled, de flashed, ready to for paint. £15 including postage by special delivery

Chaos dreadnoughts x 2 Metal style Chaos dreadnoughts, complete, 2 models. Painted to gamer standard, nothing special, although paint is not thick, so easily repainted. £10 each plus £5 P+P by special delivery Can email pics if required

consider swaps for Marine/Chaos stuff
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