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I've been hard at work over the last couple of days building some buggies for a Big Mek Challenge over on Da Waaagh! and thought I'd share the results over here too.
I love trukks, the kits are great for kit bashes, there is virtually nothing in the ork arsenal that can't be knocked up from trukk bits and a handful of spare parts. I bought 2 trukk kits the other day, with the sole intention of knocking up 3 warbuggy's, 5 MANZ an another Mek Gun.
Of course it helps that I also had some other goodies to help out, spare Deffrollas and wotnot.
Anyhow, have some pics...

First Buggy, based loosely off the original buggy.

The Second buggy was based around a sort of 1920's racer, cylindrical body, outrigger wheels, my pokkit rokkit...

Last one is more traditional Beach buggy style of fing....

All 3 together, not bad for a couple of days work. :grin:


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Very nice job there but Dang you had to show up us lazy gitz that are in the context as well and haven't even finished one buggy yet didn't you. Good job R_sqaured keep meking things up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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