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OK, so I hate the GW scout heads that come on the sprues. At *best* they look like hunchbacks....

So here are two possible alternatives that I've used for my scouts....

First is taken from a Fantasy Chaos Maurauder kit.

Second is from the Space Wolves battleforce box... but really any SM head will do.

Both are really simple to do... for the normal SM helmet, you need to shorten the neck and cut it at an angle to fit onto the scout backpack.... the maurauder just needed a little trimmed off the back.

Personally, I dig the maurauder heads, I just wish they hadn't put all the flowing hair and crap on them (which makes using them for SM a bit more difficult) Also, for some reason, the sprue makes contact with the head itself, you have have to do a lot more clean up on some of them... (now, why they couldn't have attaced it to the neck is beyond me) But it's still worth it IMO.
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