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Factions, factions, factions! ALL OF THEM :crazy: As the disclaimer to the title, there is a couple things on the table T1 not in reserve, but an Inquisitor and three Servo Skulls is hardly cause for alarm. She's a 99.8% Reserves list. My buddy just built up a ton of new stuff for his Chaos Marine army, so we're running a 2.5k game in an hour or so. Figured I'd toss the list up, and report back after the game to see how it went and what I might change....though it's pretty much just all my favourite units in a barely Battle Forged army so I doubt anything would change. I'm not sure if it's competitive or stupid...we'll see soon enough! Here's the list (lookit teh pretty colours!):

Dark Angel Primary Combined Arms Detachment

Belial - Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield

5x Deathwing Knights

5x man Deathwing squad - Cyclone Missile Launcher, Plasma Cannon, 3x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields

5x man Deathwing squad - Plasma Cannon, 3x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields

Blood Angel Combined Arms Detachment

Librarian - Mastery Level 2, Jump Pack

Sanguinary Priest - Jump Pack, Power Sword

Furioso - Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

Furioso - Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

10x man Assault squad - 2x Melta Gun, Power Fist, Drop Pod

10x man Assault squad - 2x Hand Flamers, 2x Flamers

Grey Knight Nemesis Strike Force

Librarian - Terminator Armour, Mastery Level 3, Hammer

5x man Grey Knight Terminator squad - 3x Halberds, Hammer, Incinerator, Stave

Officio Assassinorum Detachment

Callidus Assassin

Inquisitorial Detachment

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor - 3x Servo Skulls

Inquisitor hides, Servo Skulls are key here. Turn 1 will likely see the Melta Assault squad and Furioso Drop Pod show up, with all the Deathwing units as well. Dice will decide if the Grey Knights show up T1 as well, but it would be nice if I banged out that 3+. Callidus Assassin infiltrates behind something to throw off focus, pretty sure she'll do some damage since she's hit on 6's the turn she arrives shooting and I double my buddy will take her on in CC right away. Massive distraction unit, basically. The Grey Knight Librarian is rolling Sanctic, looking for that power that increases ++ saves by 1. Blood Angel Libby will rip either Biomancy or Telepathy, it all depends on how much I feel like trusting the dice when the time comes. I kinda want to roll Biomancy just because he's freshly painted and might just need to be a(s much of a) boss (as he can be) in CC. Fuck I am stoked to play this list.

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When I showed up it turned out my buddy has 2600 points built but I forgot BOTH of my dreadnoughts somehow. I borrowed his as a proxy (otherwise it would have been 2700ish I guess) and subbed in a 5 man Death Company squad for the third Drop Pod, armed with two Power Swords. Since the DC and the Furioso are pretty much the same points, to make up the last 100 I added in a Chaplain to accompany them (which turned out to be crucial).

I won! By a fuckin' hair, but I won :laugh:

Notable moments were me doing absolutely nothing with all the shooting T1 and my opponent claiming a full Deathwing squad and half the Melta Assault squad and my Death Company actually killing a squad of Terminators on the charge. Most notably though, because had the game ended T5 I would have lost on these dice, my Grey Knight terminator with a Hammer stood in front of a Rhino full of traitors and stopped in dead in its tracks in a moment of Death or Glory. Dude totally saw the tank driving full on at the squad and while everyone else jumped out of the way he was all: "dudes, chill. I got this" and blew it up with one fell swoop of his hammer....only to be taken by the explosion!! Whatever though, the squad still had the Objective because of it. Ultimately though, the entire game came down to one combat over the mid-field Objective between a squad of Pink Horrors and one lone TH/SS and CML toting badass who made ALL OF HIS SAVES and proceeded to give nothing but hammer justice to the models trying to steal his piece of the 40k pie. 7-5 final score, a really friggin' close match.

This was my first game facing someone Summoning Daemons, and I gotta say it's a bitch. I had 40 Pink Horrors show up over the course of four turns, and it wasn't that they were hard to deal with it was how much they distracted me from doing more game-winning things. Ultimately I came out on top, but if even one of those final 4 armour saves on the Terminator came up short I would have lost. Big shout-out to my Deathwing Knight squad who ran through 20 Cultists, a Terminator Sorcerer, Vindicator, and 5 man Tactical squad. The Callidus preformed admirably as well, taking care of a Terminator squad before falling to an unlucky Melta shot that abruptly ended her reign on terror.

Here's a blurry picture of what it looked like after my 1st turn Deep Strike (two Pods and three Terminator squads). It was a Vanguard deployment and I totally boxed him in. My Inquisitor is bottom centre-ish if you can see his white armour and red cape. Eventually a Heldrake swept him off the board...

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