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Getting in my first game of the year this Saturday against a pal that plays Tyranids. I've faced him twice before but all I can actually remember about those games (took a year off from gaming when my son came along) is that my Sanguinary Guard w. Priest wrecked his face really bad and that he has two flying baddies (Hive Tyrants?) with dual twin-linked devourers. I'm going to opt out of the SG this time since they're bereft of paint and I used them in my last match against Nurgle CSM. I had a quick glance at the Tyranid Codex summary page and noticed that the BSF's +1I bonus might not do me any good (much like when I faced the -1I Nurgle CSM) so am opting for a CAD with some of our new Formations added in. Here's where I'm at so far:

Death Company Strike Force

Death Company Chaplain w. the Gilded Crozius
10x Death Company w. 2x fists, jump packs
5x Death Company w. fist
5x Death Company w. fist
Death Company Dreadnought w. talons, melta, heavy flamer, Drop Pod

Stormraven Squadron

Stormraven w. multi-melta, lascannons, hurricane bolters
Stormraven w. typhoon missile launcher, assault cannon

Combined Arms Detachment

Librarian w. jump pack, mastery level 2

Furioso w. frag cannon, heavy flamer, Drop Pod
Furioso w. frag cannon, heavy flamer, Drop Pod

10x man Tactical squad w. meltagun, heavy flamer, Rhino
10x man Tactical squad w. meltagun, heavy flamer, Rhino
5x man Scout squad w. sniper rifles, camo cloaks

Baal Predator w. assault cannon, heavy bolters, pintle stormbolter
5x man Devastator squad w. 4x missile launchers​

This all comes out to 2500 right on. The Librarian goes with the DCC/DC jump unit and tries to turn the DCC (warlord) into the Highlander. Smaller DC squads ride in the Stormravens, which I am actually really stoked on using because it never happens and I finally can easily transport them to and from matches. Rhinos and Baal screen jump DC as they move up to support Drop Pods, if the vehicles are still around at the end of the match they'll be used for Objective grabs (if only you could tank shock when you go Flat Out, eh? :laugh:). Scouts and Devastators are on backfield Objectives providing MC/horde control as best they can.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. It's been a long time since I faced 'Nids.
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