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ok so i using the undead legions army with the tk's codex and i would like some feedback on this first list thx
plz note this is only the second time i will every play tls' and am very new to fantasy

2400 pts
1 x high lich priest - lv4 steed (hiro)

1x tomb prince - chariot
1x tomb herald - bsb chariot
1xlich priest - lv 2

10x chariots - fc (for the prince and bsb)
10x horse archers - music/banner (for the lv 4 hiro)

30x tomb guard - fc
1x casket of souls
1x necrosphinx
3x seputural stalkers

banner of the undying legion (ether on the guard or chariots not 100% yet)

leaving 105 pts for magic items on the chars

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Liche High Priest on skeletal steed doen't have the Fast Cav rule.
So by joining him to the Skeleton Horse Archers they effectively lose that rule, just FYI.
Also, he could do with some protective item.

The Tomb Herald is extremely squishy, especially when singled out. I would ditch him entirely.

If you insist on running a single, huge unit of Skeleton Chariots, then get a Tomb King in there.
Personally, I'd divide the chariot unit in two smaller units and attach a single Tomb Prince to one of them (or maybe both if I had the points, but that would be a luxury).
Regardless of where you put them, Kings and Princes should be protected with a Dragonbane Gem / Dragonhelm at the least to counter their Flammable rule.
Banner of Swiftness on one unit of chariots could come in handy.

Run the Skeleton Horse Archers in 2 units of 5 for redirection purposes and chaff.

Tomb Guard are a-okay, but could with some support of a Prince as well. Banner of the Undying Legion is expensive, but can help you out sometimes. I'd expect it to be on that unit when I face TK, so it might be a bit predictable.

Speaking of magic support, get some Death magic in there.

Casket is okay.

Drop the Necrosphinx for a Khemrian Warsphinx, much better.

I have close to no experience with Sepulchral Stalkers, sorry.
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