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Lords = 575pts
Spellweaver, Level 4 (Dark), Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll = 290pts
Spellweaver, Level 4 (High), Asrai Longbow, Hail of Doom Arrow, Dragonbane Gem, Trickster's Shard = 285pts

Heroes = 230pts
Spellsinger, Level 2 (Beasts) = 115pts
Spellsinger, Level 2 (Fire) = 115pts

Core = 995pts
50 Eternal Guard, Full Command, Standard of Discipline = 595pts
13 Glade Guard, Swiftshiver Arrows = 208pts
12 Glade Guard, Swiftshiver Arrows = 192pts

Rare; 600pts
15 Waywatchers; 300pts
15 Waywatchers; 300pts

It's fairly old tactics, big meaty block of variably buffed Eternal Guard with 110 Shots a turn going in. Antiarmour comes from Waywatchers - their BS5 means even longrange hitting on 3's, killing on 5's is going to mean that around 6 or 7 Chaos Warriors or so will die each turn, not including potential Curse of Anraheir's etc.

The Dark and High Wizards bounce of one another, the Dark Wizard invariably going for Power of Darkness and soaking up any excess wounds thanks to Ancient's protection.

In a law of averages world, I'll have 7 Power dice basic, 2 from Channeling and 2 from Power of Darkness, giving me 11 Dice. Hand of Glory for Weapon Skill, Power of Darkness, Flaming Sword of Rhuin and Wildform would all go off, giving me ASF S5 +1 to wound Eternal Guard with Armour Piercing and Flaming (especially now that Wood Elf spirit armies will be all running around), with possible 7-8 Weapon Skill and Initiative with ASF rerolls. The Block is stubborn LD10, so shouldn't be going anywhere, even without a BSB.

Advancing the list to 3K. Pick up a BSB. With a treekin block to ward one flank, and a Wild Rider countercharger unit. Or, just more Waywatchers.


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As you kindly posted comments on my list i shall return the favour.

I love the idea of double level 4 lord choice and especially the use of boucing the magic lores between each other. I had thought of a 4+ ward shadowweaver and a no save highweaver in one of my first list ideas but i think you've got a good idea going here with it your way around. I'm not 100% sold on a caster having a HoDA due to the low BS but i guess thats something you could move to the bsb as you move to 3k.

Heros and lords combined comes in at a mighty 805 points which to me seems alot of investment for the magic phase, which is the most unreliable phase. Dark elves was my first and most played army and people like to stop power of darkness. If you relying on your casters to pump out those spells i think its very high risk. Assuming i'm running a combat focused army thats looking to take that EG block head on i'd let you free cast hand of glory - unless your going over double my WS it wont effect the combat too much. Then your trying to throw out a power of darkness which is a spell people should care about +1S and free dice should be stopped. People stopped power of darkness under the old book even before the strength boost so the magic phase didint go on and on. At this point unless your rolling a 12 dice magic phase your running low on dice and will be looking at maybe one more spell to cast.

I guess what i'm trying to say here is taking a block of 50 T3 6+ save models and investing a further 805 points to make them super super unit in the magic phase is a bit all eggs in one basket to me. If your local game meta is several hordes face planting each other, it may be worth it.

2 glade guard seems about right numbers wise. Not sure on the arrow choice, yeah double shot looks nice when you hold the dice but BS4, multi shot, long range hitting on 5's isnt many hits and S3 wont produce many wounds. I think if you head to either warseer WE thread or even better the asrai forums there are extensive posts on arrow number crunching with i belive either trueflight and hagbane comming top in varying situations. Worth a look.

Rare of maxed out with waywatchers? Yup unless you hold a place in your heart for treemen i dont really see anything else to take here.

Overall i'd be interested to see how the list plays out. Dont forget you can deploy your wood anywhere in your half now. So venom thicket mid table, march that EG right up into it and then all 50 can attack and all have poison to add to your list of unit buffs.

So be it.
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Magic - two lv4s can work well, it at least gives you options. I'm not sure if it's worth the points though, unless you just really like versatility. I personally run a lv4 with shadow and a lv2 with something that fits my army. For thos, two lv4s and two lv2s is definitely overkill - I would either drop a lv4 or drop both lv2s. Or one and one, or something. This just lets you take way more models, which is only a good thing. If you want fire take ruby ring.

I guess EG are alright, but I would prefer to see a unit of 30 and a unit of 20, or else two of 25; they just don't benefit enough from having that many models.

Depending on points, I would upgrade all the GG you can to scouts; they are the same thing but with added skirmish for only a point more, which is (imho) amazing. They are more mobile, more deadly, and more fun! If the swiftsilver shards are the 2 shot ones, I advise going with either hagbane or trueflight instead; they just get more for your points, and they're cheaper so you could have scouts without dropping anything else.

If you have eagles, I would take some instead of all those waywatchers - 30 is too much I think. 20 I can see, though I personally don't feel the need for more than 10. I would prefer to see those points on the cheaper scouts for warmachine hunting (with poison).

I like your plan for 3k, it seems pretty good.

(especially now that Wood Elf spirit armies will be all running around)
I'm not sure if this is a joke, but I think most wood elf people won't be taking many forest spirits. That's the general idea from asrai at least.
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