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Check page 64... you can't spam the same saga, so you'll have to drop beastslayer.

So taking a Darkreever style approach,

Rune Priest-150pts
Terminator armor, Runic weapon, Chooser of the Slain,Wolftooth necklace
Saga of the Beastslayer
Where does this guy hang out... if the intent is to use the Njial model, then I get it... if not, then w/o other Termies, the points seem a little wasted.

Wolf priest-165pts
Plasma pistol, Wolftooth necklace,Wolftail talisman,Saga of the Warrior Born
I'd save the points on this guy and drop the Plasma pistol.... Or give him runic armor and go the 2+ route

Wolf Guard battle leader-150pts
Wolf Claw,Storm Shield, Wolftooth necklace, Wolftail talisman, Melta bombs, Saga of the Beastslayer
Here's a thought... The WGBL and the Wolf Priest have WS5 - do you really need the hits on a 3+
The wolftooth neckace - you already have the best Psych defence in the game w Mr Runepriest... so it just seems like overkill.

Dreadnaught-130 pts
Assault cannon
Dread CCW
Heavy flamer
Wolftooth necklace
Wolftail talisman
Same comment about the necklace and Tail...

(9) Wolf Guard-290 pts
Storm bolter, Wolf Claw
Bolt pistol, power weapon
Bolter, ccw
Plasma pistol, ccw
Bolt pistol, Frost Axe
Wolf Claw, Wolf Claw
Bolt pistol, Power fist
Bolt pistol, ccw, Mark of the Wulfen
Drop Pod-35pts
Storm bolter
OK, I'm having a bit of troble figuring out what all in in here, but it sounds like a crap load of special weapons in a drop pod. Its an aweful big deathstar.... but since you can't attack the round you drop, why isn't your opponent shooting everything he has at them as soon as they arrive? Just seems wrong to have that many points in something that's stuck that close to your enemy turn one.

(9) Blood Claws-185pts
6x Bolt pistol, ccw
Plasma pistol,ccw
Bolt pistol, Power fist
Storm Bolter
So if you're doing it for fluff reasons, then cool... but Blood Claws suck. They're just to fragile (meq's hit on 3+) Also, it's a waste to put special weapons on them since thier BS is craptastic.... PW and Mark of the Wulfin would be a better use of points.

(9) Grey Hunters-160pts
7x Bolter,ccw
Bolter, Power weapon
Wolf Standard
Drop Pod-35pts
Storm bolter
I think you could lose the standard....

(3) Swiftclaw Bikers-115pts
Power Weapon
3x Meltabombs
Swiftclaw Attack Bike-30pts
Heavy Bolter
Same issue as the bloodclaws... but they're cheap.. I might lose the meltabombs.

Siege Shield, Storm bolter
I would keep this the stock model... the Siege Shield ain't that good. Might keep the second stormbolter though...

Long Fangs-115 pts
2x Heavy Bolter
Missle Launcher
Plasma Cannon

Long Fangs-155pts
2x Heavy Bolter
Las Cannon
Plasma Cannon
I think the Plasma Cannon isn't that good of a choice (expensive) The Multi Melta is out of place (24" range sucks for a sit back and shoot stuff squad...) Also, I think you'd be better off with one unit of HB and one unit of special weapons... I don't see the mix and match as being that good for LF. For Codex devs, you can get away with this by putting more models into the squad... but with LF, if you take one hit, you tend to put it on the Squad leader before you have to start dropping specials.... Once that happens you can't split fire... so I'd rather go all of one type of thing to minimze this risk.

Twin linked Lascannon
Dozer blade
Storm bolter
The dozer blade and storm bolter could go and save more points...
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