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HQ – 275 pts

Bloodthirster – 275 pts
- Unholy Might
I'm pretty sure you meant to give him BotBG. Otherwise he would cost 270. Very good choice.
Elites 315 pts

3 Flamers – 105 pts
Flamers are always nice. Excellent choice, just don't waste them.
3 Fiends – 90 pts
Units of 5 or 6 are best with fiends. And one really should be given UM as it provide the unit with kind of an extra wound.
3 Blood Crushers – 120 pts
Make it 4 with it's upgrades. Wound allocation is what makes these guys tick.
Troops – 1042 pts

12 blood letters – 217 pts
- icon
Not bad, but I would drop the icon. You don't really need that many of them.
10 blood letters – 160 pts
Pretty good. Be careful, letters are really hit or miss, so better make sure they do the former.
10 plague bearers – 175 pts
- icon
10 plague bearers – 175 pts
- icon
Uhhmmm...no. Plaguebearers shouldn't be in units greater than 7. Ever! (well, apocalypse nonwithstanding) since they only really are good at holding objectives they need to be cheap as to make more points for killy stuff. Dropping one of the icons also wouldn't hurt.
10 Horrors – 175 pts
- changeling
I prefer Horrors in units of 5-7. And then just having plenty of them. But with your current setup you have used all your troop choices so it's not bad I guess.
10 Daemonettes – 140 pts
A few more of these gals just to make sure they aren't shot down too easily after joining the fray.
Fast Attack – 48 pts

3 Screamers – 48 pts
Very good. Only problem is you only have 1 unit. 2 more of these and your golden.
Heavy Support – 320 pts

Soul grinder – 160 pts
- Phlegm

Soul grinder – 160 pts
- Phlegm
Very good.

First Wave (7)
- Bloodthirster
- (12) Bloodletters
- Plague bearers
- Horrors
- Screamers
- Juggernauts
- Soul grinder

Second wave (6)
- Fiends
- Flamers
- (10) Bloodletters
- Plague bearers
- Daemonettes
- Soul grinder
Very troop heavy list which is always good. It is, however, a really mixed bag of goodies with little coherent focus and severely lacking in the antitank department.
Which isn't so bad if your just playing for the heck of it. Hell, my advice is really just to ignore my advice and play however you want to.

Just remember that you don't have to split waves as a part of your list. You don't do until your 1st turn. Remember that, as you WILL need to change them at some point. Flexibility is the force of daemons so one shouldn't dismiss it.
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