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HQ - 360
Commander Dante
Melta Bomb

TR - 875
Scouts X5
Camo Cloaks X5
Missile Launcher
Tactical Marines X10
Plasma Cannon
Death Company X10
Power Swords X10
Sanguinary Guard X5
Infernus Pistols X5

EL - 565
Brother Corbulo
Sanguinary Priest
Power Sword
Infernus Pistol
Jump Pack
Furioso Dreadnought
Blood Talons X2
Drop Pod
Locator Beacon
Librarian Dreadnought

HS - 200
Twin-Linked Multi-Melta
Twin-Linked Plasma Cannon

TOTAL - 2,000

Wanted to use different units to achieve a good balance for my renegades. I usually put everything in reserve (play as using daemons) and strike fast when units come in. Dante and Sanguinary Guard, along with the Priest, don't scatter when deep striking; and with the Infenus being Melta, bye bye Land Raiders! Killed by a pistol, oh the shame! Furioso with Blood Talons has proved to be a beast, constantly mashing the Emperor's Finest to pulp. I welcome all comments and advice on what you'd change. Thanks for reading! :>
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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