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Here is a list that I made to be semi-competitive, so tear it apart...
Chaos Sorcerer- MoT,Warptime,Doombolt
Chaos Sorcerer-MoS,Lash of Submission,Familiar,Warptime
Possessed (6)-Aspiring Champion,MoT
Chaos Marines (10)-Asp. Champ, Powerfist, Meltabombs, Meltagun (2), Rhino, Extra Armor, Havoc Launcher
Chaos Marines (10)-Asp. Champ, Powerfist, Meltabombs, Plasma Gun (2), Rhino, Extra Armor, Havoc Launcher
Khorne Berzerkers (9)-Skull Champion, Power Weapon
Obliterators (2)
Land Raider-Daemonic Possession, T.L. Bolter, Dozer Blade
Chaos Defiler-Havoc Launcher, T.L. Lascannon
So there it is go ahead and offer any advice you have. Thanks
oook lets start...
Sorcs are ok i guess... but from the looks of it they are either with the Berserkers or they are legging it? honistly if your going to be legging them your better off with Deamon princes (with wings) in both cases

Possessed... ive never even seen them put in a list, i hear they are far to expencive though so completely ditch them (5 chosen with arhino and all with Melta's to replce i think its a good set up)

Your space marine squads should all have melta's and ditch the melta bombs you already have a powerfist personaly i would use plague marines instead but thats just me, you could even go for a Squad of Thousand Sons for their kickass bolters and extra phsycic powers (plus the Tzeentch Sorc would be happy to go with them)

Khorne Berserkers, firstly 8 is the best number to have, and secdon, either get a Powerfist on the Champ or dont even bother putting one in im not going to Math hammer you but it makes your Berserkers infinitly more useful

oblitorators are good but you should really get more :3

Raider seems fine, i assume the Zerkers are in it? this Pleases Khorne

Defiler is meh, it cant fire other weapons if it fires it battle cannon (since its an ordinance weapon to my knowlege) so more CCW's would be better instead of the other guns, otherwise ditch it for 2 more Oblits

thats my opinions :3 ill give you it for free... this time >.>
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