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Hi guys, I wanted to ask some advice, simply put I'm someone who hasn't played tabletop in roughly 6 years and I can't remember anything but me and 3 friends are starting a gaming club just between us four.

The Armies involved are as follows with all my knowledge:

-The Empire (ofcourse :taunt:)
Lots of halberds, has bought a unit of demigriffs too!
-Vampire counts

and then there's me with Warriors of Chaos because let's face it, we all know who to worship here :so_happy:

So I made up a mock of a 1k army list but i'm going to be honest, I have no idea what the hell i'm doing, this is just made up from what I've seen on other lists.

We're starting the battles at 1k and then eventually we'll move up to 2k, etc.

Without further ado; what I think is an army list.

Lord - Sorcerer Lord lvl 3, mark of tzeentch

Core - 18x Chaos Warriors, champion, Musician, Standard bearer

Special - 3x Dragon Ogres, Shartak, Great weapons

Rare - 3x Skullcrushers of Khorne, Skullhunter, Standard Bearer, Ensorcelled weapons

I'm pretty sure this will all amount to around 1k, but tbh I've just picked things because they're cool, what should I get to truly show the power of WoC ?

Thanks !

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Warriors are equivalent in power to the specials of many armies, so you can never go wrong with a core of them; I always give them shields so they have the best chance of making it into melee against shooting/magic.

Your big issue with WoC is that everything is expensive, and usually needs to get into melee. So one or two units of War hounds are useful for deployment control, redirecting the enemy, harassing warmachines quickly, &c.

Champions are very expensive for an extra attack, so - unless you want to give a character some protection from challenges - are not as useful as more models.

I suggest trimming out your champions and using the points to buy hounds or shields.

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And I would like to add that there are generally 3 ways to equip your warriors in the most efficient way (4 if you count 'naked' warriors)

The first is with mark of nurgle and halberts, very expensive but very strong, nearly unbeatable in combat (as nurgle with drastically reduce return hits and they will hit on str 5), this is a sort of middle ground between 'anvil' and 'hammer'

The second is with mark of tzeentch and shields, less killy but VERY tanky. In essence you make them an 'anvil' unit, meant to keep your opponents busy while you ram their unit with a flank attack. The mark of tzeentch will turn your 6+ parry save into a 5+ parry save, leaving you with a 3+ armour save and a 5+ ward save

The third way is to give them mark of khorne and halberts or additional hand weapons (this depends on the general toughness you're likely to come up against, when fighting ogres (T4) halberts will be better, but when fighting elves or humans (T3) additional hand weapons will be better) You'll want smaller groups though to maximize the benefit from the additional attacks you will recieve (only front rank gets them), thus this is a good way to go if you go 'multiple small units' and is a good example of a true 'hammer' unit

The fourth way would be to abuse the fact that chaos warriors are pretty killy on their own right and therefore not spending any points upgrading them

In my eyes taking mark of slaanesh on your warriors is a waste (unless you're making a slaanish theme list ofcourse :good:)

Other nice things to pick up as a Warriors of Chaos players would be:

-The Chariots (both kinds are killy and tough and reasonably priced)
-The Chimera's (nothing wrong with a flying monster with a 4+ regeneration save)
-Warhounds (30pnt for a redirecting unit, if you don't know what redirecting is, look this up, it'll drastically improve your play)
-A Demonprince (give it a 1+ save, mark of nurgle and flying and your friends might ban it from your local play - mine sadly did :cray:(the nurgle variant atleast) )
-A Hellcannon (nothing wrong with a stonethrower with str 5 under the template either)

But besides this I can proudly say that there are in fact no terrible choices in the Warriors of Chaos army book, in my eyes each and every thing in it (apart from the lore of tzeentch) is very playable, but some things are just a bit stronger than others :laugh:

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To add to my previous remarks, these are generally considered the 'strong' units in WoC:

- Big hordes of Marauders with great weapons and mark of khorne (even after the nerf in this book)
- Chaos Warriors (tzeentch and nurgle are my favorites), i usually take 20 with a Character (7x3)
- A Deamon Prince with sword of striking, charmed shield, chaos armour, scaled skin, soul feeder, mark of nurgle and daemonic flight (wizard levels and fiery breath are optional additions)
- A (or a few) Chimera's with regeneration and a breath weapon
- A unit of Hellstriders of Slaanesh with 2 or more well equipped characters in it on steeds of slaanesh(VERY mobile and very killy)
- A 'unkillable' Chaos Lord, with mark of tzeentch and a 4+ ward save and a 1+ armour save and helm of command (you can do the same with an Chaos Sorcerer Lord, but then take Lore of Metal, as Lore of Tzeentch only buffs your opponents 99% of the time)
- Exalted Hero's (BSB optional) on Daemonic Steeds, as this increases their toughness to 5 (monstrous cavalry rules)
- Hellcannons (though they are expensive, so you'll probably only take one)
- Skullcrushers (monstrous cavalry is just simply strong in this warhammer fantasy edition)

Somewhat less strong units, but still very playable are:

-The Chariots (vulnerable to cannon fire and enemy ranks, but tough and hit hard)
-The Trolls (if your opponent doesn't have a unit with flaming attacks, they will be a pain in the ass for him)
-The Chaos Knights (very killy, very tough, but unfortunately VERY expensive, only take small units of them (I normally don't take more than 5))
-The Warhounds (you ALWAYS take either these or Marauder Horsemen as your redirecters)
-The Marauder Horsemen (see above, more expensive but you can give them throwing axes, your only unit besides the Hellcannon that can utilize the shooting fase)
-The Chaos Ogres (I prefer trolls, but ogres have impact hits going for them)
-The Chaos Spawns (Random movement can be either very handy or very annoying, their stats are fine for what they cost and they are a third possible redirecting unit)
-The Forsaken (if you make a very mobile list (multiple flyers and cavalry), these can keep up with the rest of your army because they are M6, give them mark of slaanesh and you'll roll 3 dice on the charge too!)

And lastly things I normally don't take:

-The dragon ogres + shaggoth (very expensive and just too vulnerable to cannon fire in my regard, and when they get into combat, they just don't seem to hold up well enough for what they cost)
-The Chaos Giants (same reason, too vulnerable to cannon fire, my friends always seem to take at least 2 cannons)
-The Chaos War Shrine (could possibly do fine, but you would need to make a list around it (with lots of cheap unit champions to convert to Daemon Princes/Chaos Spawns))
-Chosen of Chaos (I think they're too expensive, they are only worth it if you throw the +1 toughness result if you ask me, I just prefer 'general' Chaos Warriors)
-The other 2 monsters (this is because I simply never bothered to buy them, so I can't really tell if they're worth taking or not)

And here ends my take on the Warriors of Chaos units, I hope it gives you some nice ideas :victory:

Please note that these are all very subjective remarks, unit strength is always relative to your meta, to what other units use in your army list and your general play style. The only really overpowered unit in this army book (if you ask me) is that Daemon Prince, and i suggest you don't use it for friendly play :grin: Other than that there are no true 'weak' units either, if equipped rightly and used in the right context every unit in the army book can be strong (for instance, the fact that Chosen are expensive compared to Chaos Warriors doesn't mean they are not very nasty in combat)

Don't take Lore of Tzeentch, unless they FAQ the spells to be flaming attacks, the regeneration save you'll be giving your opponent just won't be worth it

With kind regards,
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