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Just a few quick things I've noticed without changing what models are in you list.

- Split up the Fire dragons so 5 are in the Wave Serpent and 5 are in the Falcon. Reason being is you don't have a whole lot of tanks on the field and all the anti tank fire is going to go straight for your 10 man fire dragon tank. Also this way you could split targets and potentially take out two tanks a round instead of just one. That said they still have the option to focus fire the same target if need be.

- Spirit Stones on transports is a must to me unless you are running a 5 min DA's in a wave serpent just to make it scoring. If the tank will be moving models to where they need to go you need to make sure that it can move every round. Especially since one unit being transported is Close Combat and the other two have a range of 12" that you would prefer to be within 6" :)

- I know you were probably thinking of keeping the Farseer with the 10x pathfinders unit However I feel you will find more of a use with him if you swap out guide for fortune and keep him near your Avatar. Whenever I run an Avatar I always keep a Farseer nearby as the fortune helps tremendously. In this list I'd stick him with the Dire Avenegers so they can take hits for him. Also if you do decide to follow my advice here I'd recommend splitting up the pathfinders into 2 squads of 5x Pathfinders. The only reason to keep them in a 10x squad would be if they were getting guided. This way your enemy has to split their firepower and now you'd cover more fire lanes.

Good luck with your very own Eldar List!
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