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Based on what you have I am guessing you are planning to walk the avatar up the board with DA in support. Question #1: what are your WS armed with?
I would start by dropping your fire dragons to 6. Tank hunter is ok if you have the points.
I would go with a big guardian squad with a warlock and scatter laser to go with the avatar and add the farseer to them.
Your Farseer could use RoW and RoW.
Dire Avengers work best in a transport. That being said and looking at your current points, I would drop one squad to 6 and place them in your Falcon. The other I would run behind your guardians, using them as a screen.
The banshees need an exarch with an executioner.
The BS3 sucks for a BL on the falcon. Get an EML so you can fire it as a def weapon if you move.
See if you can squeeze in a Wraithlord in with a BL so you can pop armor. That’s 2 MC in your massive assault group.
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