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1st Ork List, needs some help!

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Okay so I've been getting into Orks recently so I was flicking through the codex and came up with this list:

1. Warboss
w/ Power Klaw, Shoota-Rockit Kombi-weapon, Warbike, Cybork body and Attack Squig - 155pts.

2. Big Mek
w/ Power Klaw, Kustom Mega-Blaster, Kustom Force Field, Cybork Body and 'Eavy armour - 140pts.

3. 20 Shoota Boys
w/ 2 Big Shootas, Nob Leader, Big Choppa, Bosspole and 'Ard Boyz - 230pts.

4. 20 Shoota Boyz
w/ 2 big shootas, Nob Leader, Big Choppa and Bosspole - 150pts.

5. 5 Lootas
w/ 1 Mek - 75pts.

6. 5 Lootas
w/ 1 Mek - 75pts.

7. 5 Lootas
w/ 1 Mek - 75pts.

8. 5 Warbikers
w/ Nob Leader, Power Klaw and Bosspole - 165pts.

9. BattleWagon
w/ Deffrolla, Red-Paint Job, Grot Riggers, Wrekin' Ball and 4 Rockit' Launchers - 170pts.

10. BattleWagon
w/ Deffrolla, Red-Paint Job, Grot Riggers, Wrekin' Ball and 2 Big Shootas - 140pts.

11. BattleWagon
w/ Reinforced Ram, Red-Paint Job, Grot Wriggers, Wrekin' Ball and 1 Big Shoota - 125pts.

Total = 1500.

Any Help Would be Appreciated! :biggrin:
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I'd drop the Meks on the Lootaz, they have half the range of the others for a marginally better (but Gets Hot!) gun. Mek's Tools is frankly useless on a long-range shooty squad as well.

The Big mek is illegal as he has swapped his slugga twice (Once for KFF and once for Mega Blaster), I'd have him in one of the Boyz units (Of course, reduce the unit by one Boy) with just the KFF. I'm not sure about the Battlewagons, I assume they're for the Boyz. In this case, I would give them 'Ard Cases or make the Boyz sluggaz, seems a bit pointless having a ranged squad in a transport (even an open topped one). Much better to use it to speed across the board into CC, Slugga Boyz have so many attacks on the charge (4 each!) that I find them to be so much more useful. Of course, it's whatever floats your boat. I'm not sold on the Warboss on Bike, is he supposed to be shooty or assaulty? Stats dictate CC, in which case I'd drop the Shoota-Rockit (Because honestly, one shot hitting on a 5+ per game is EXTREMELY chancey). Being an Ork player of some experience, I find that large footslogging mobs work very well (Bearing in mind that this is back in the day when there wasn't a battlewagon kit and everyone did interesting things with Land Raiders) as the 30 saves on a squad of ten Space Marines means a lot of empty tin cans :biggrin:.

If you are intent on putting the 20-man Shootaz in Battlewagons, get rid of 'Ard Boyz because it won't do you any good whilst in a transport (ie You have a front armour value of 14).

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