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hey all, long time fantasy player here, just played my first game of 40k and decided to post a report, and link it into my project log. (found in the siggy)

My list, I borrowed a friends ultramarines to make up numbers but used my rhino, bikes and captain with pistol etc...


Captain: Plasma Pistol/Power Weapon

2x 10 Man Tac Squad: Missile Launcher, Flamer
(One Squad and Captain in Drop Pod)

(Other Tac Squad go here.)

Dreadnought - Multimelta, CCW
(In Drop Pod)

5 Terminators: Stormbolters & PF's, one has heavy flamer, and captain has a Power Weapon.

4 Bikes

Objective/Scenery, we had 2 objectives, both hiding in building ruins on bottom left and top right corners (from my side of table) we also had a hill in the middle, and another ruin in bottom right.

Deployment: I had my rhino hiding behind my objective ruin.
He had two of those troop choice spiky floaters one with a special character apparently, the other held warriors. They are top right and top left respectively.

He had first turn, he ran up the floating spikes, shot the rhino from the front and destroyed it's weapon system.
My turn, tac squad drop pod comes down 1 inch from his objective and out comes the men and the captain, the rhino rushes into the middle and spews out the tac squad, wanting to take down that spiky fortress and that special character I had 0 idea about. :grin:

1 missile and a plasma pistol later, and the ship is toast, leaving the special character at the mercy of an entire squad of rapid-fire marines... He unfortunately didn't make it. :hang1:

His Turn 2: on comes another spiky ship carrying witches this time, a lord on the hover-board from Spiderman, and a beast mistress with 5 obscenely ugly canines/warp-beasts. oh, and another squad of warriors on foot. All are top right gunning for that objective... His spiky fortress out left, drops the warriors and floats onto my objective... (Apparently its a troop choice)
the canines assault into my captains unit, the witches barrel up hop out and assault into the rhino unit which is in the middle of the table. Shooting was pretty useless, except that the rhino takes a beating and cant move next turn...
Combat, I loose a marine, he loses 3 dogs in return due to my amazing captain... who takes two by himself. He holds. the witches take out 2 marines, and I take two out in return.

My Turn 2: On come the bikes and termies, with the dread drop pod scattering nicely next to the hill in the centre. Terminators come on bottom left and move up towards the warriors, bikes come on in the centre and gun it towards the witches combat, getting just within assault range
Shooting wise, the dread fires its multimelta at the floater on my objective but fluffs its dice rolls. The terminators mince 4 warriors out left with their storm bolters...
Then the bikes assault into the witches, and the termies assault into the warriors. Terminators mince all opposition, leaving none left. while the bikes and marines combined take out 5 witches in return of loosing one bike. out on the far right, my marines take out all the remaining doggies and the beast mistress runs.

His 3: From right to left, his floating spike ships do nothing much just sitting on the objective and shooting the rhino, which finally blows up. the green goblin charges into the witches combat, but only kills one biker... I cant do anythng against his 2+ invunerable save... but kill of the remaining witches. I think the lord runs. His beast mistress stops being cowardly and also runs towards the witches fight rolling I think a 4 for her run move. and finnaly the warriors out right move into the building and sit on the objective which is only contested by my drop pod. however it means he pretty much has both objectives and I have 0 :scratchhead:

My turn 3: the Terminators walk back towards my objective and assault into the spiky ship which doesn't last long in combat none get injured from the explosion. the dread lumbers towards the witches ship but once again fluffs its multimelta roll and only immobilises it. the beast mistress takes a Krak missile to the head that the captains squad intended for the ship and pops it. :laugh:
In other news the captains squad has moved into 6" of his busted objective building and fire in killing 1, then they assault in and blitz anther 4, leaving 5 left. however they lose 1 marine in return. in the witches combat area, the marines are still standing so take shots at the fleeing lord who is saved by that 2+ invulnerable. they also move 3" back towards my objective, the max they could move while being within 12" of lord for rapid fire.

His 4: The remaining spiky ship pops my less than useless dread, which means I have lost all my armour. the green goblin goes into the captain combat for the objective and kills 1 marine, the captain and friends kill more warriors leaving only 2 left. As of now, the table is looking rather space marine heavy, but no-one clearly owns an objective.

My 4: the Termies move up and shoot/assault the last spiky ship who also doesn't last long against the powerfists. the middle marines forget the lord and sprint back towards my objective buy roll a 1.:mad: in combat, everybody is useless with only 1 DE warrior dieing. However is is now shaping up to whether I can capture that last objective.

His 5: he doesn't have anything, so in the combat I lose one marine and he loses the remaining warrior, leaving only the lord on the table contesting his objective.

My 5: everything depends on those marines getting 9" to that objective, so they sprint... ANOTHER 1!! Obviously this squad brought their lead boots this match.

I can only watch in helpless rage as he rolls for the game to end, and we have a draw... I feel very stinged as I only lost the dread and rhino, and he only had left that un-killable green goblin board guy. Oh-well, for a first game it went ok... and I am sure we mutilated many rules in the process. :crazy:

Things I learnt, having only the two tac squads as scoring units was bad... maybe have 4 smaller units of them... or buy some scouts to camp my base objective with sniper rifles or something.
I want to paint some scouts anyways...
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