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A good choice overall, and because he is packing AP 2 attacks whatever squad he is running with should focus a bit more on AP3.

Librarian- lvl2,panopoly of the crusader,grav pistol,force staue, jump pack.
With no option for an invulnerable save, I would either recommend you relegate this guy to supporting the scouts and devestators or swap him out for a jump pack armed chaplain with the burning blade. This gives the chaplain 3-4 attacks at S6 no matter if he is using the blade or his crozius and only runs you about five points more than your current librarian.

If you want to stick with the libby I would drop all of his wargear except for mastery level 2.

Termie assault squad- claws
Sergeant-hammer, storm shield

Termie assault squad-all hammers/shields
A lot of points invested in two slow moving squads. I would recommend you drop one and boost the other to six or seven strong, giving the squad three thunder hammer and storm shields and the rest lightning claws.

Vanguard veterans-claws & jumppacks
Sergeant-relic blade,grav pistol,melta bombs
I would keep one or two pairs of lightning claw marines, give another two power axes, swap the grav pistol for a storm shield, and try to get another two or three veterans in here.

Scout squad-sniper rifles,camo cloaks
Sergeant- power sword,grav pistol, homer.

Scout squad- 3xsniper rifles,1xmissile launcher(flakk missiles)
Sergeant-power sword,grav pistol, teleport homer.
I would drop the sword and pistol from both squads, give the sergeants sniper rifles of their own and pick up a second missile launcher for the first squad (though don't bother with the flakk missiles, 1-2 shots isn't going to do all that much.)

The teleport homers could be good choices, but I'm not sure they are necessary.

I would consider getting both squads land speeder storms, not to move them around but as extra firepower.

Assault squad-9x jump packs, 2x plasma pistols
I'd suggest dropping the squad down to eight strong, giving the eviscerator to someone other than the sergeant, and getting a power weapon and combat shield on a veteran sergeant.

2 x stormtalons- 1x heavy bolter
I'd try to either get lascannons on the first one, or skyhammer missiles.

Devastator squad- lascannon, multimelta,missile launcher(flakk)
Sergeant-chainsword,combi plasma,signum.
I'd try to make the squad six or seven strong, drop the combi weapon from the sergeant, and try to put three missile launchers in. If you have the points for a fourth missile launcher than go for it (at which point aim to have the squad be seven or eight strong.)

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