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The Daemon Prince cannot be both a wizard and take the Mark of Khirne. Although you fly making frenzy less painful, it is still an issue at this points level, as you can be brought away from the foghts you need to concentrate on. As a beginner I wouldn't advise honestly.

Kitting out the warriors with Shields and Halberds is alroght, but remember that you don't get the Shield Parry in CC because halberds are 2H so the Shields only provide +1 save when recoeving shooting attacks. I personally don't think it is worth choosing 2 - with MoT I think you are going for Shield usage so I'd drop the Halberds. Or the Mark+Shields. The champion is a bit of a points drain as well.

Chaos Knights are already expensive and extremely killy. Ensorcelled Weapons and a Musician is all that is necessary. The Mark and Standard Bearer are far too expensive at this level Imho.

Hellcannons are decent but I cannot remember if it fits under 250pt rare limit. Even so theu are a huge points drain, and considering the avility to spread units out at 1k points, stone throwers struggle to get kills even when they miss the target.

I take it you are using the End Times rules for the Lords to gop over 25% if so are you using the glottkin legion rules and khaine winds of magic rules? If so might want to consider lore of undeath and chaos legion rules to get the additional models on the board zOmbies and skeletons and daemons

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