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1k pt, 1k sons, dual lash--- so crazy it just might work

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I have been trying to make a low point thousand sons list and its not easy. Finally I decided fluff be damned. Thousand sons in squads bigger then nine hanging out with slaanesh sorcerers. I know its blasphemous.


125- chaos sorcerer, `MoS, lash of submission
125- chaos sorcerer, `MoS, lash of submission


301- x12 thousand sons, bolt of change
301- x12 thousand sons, bolt of change


150- x2 obliterators

This is the game plan. Each sorcerer gets his own rubric body guard and between the two of them i can push cc squads back and pull shooters out of cover. All the while slowly advancing forward laying down some serious ap3 dakka. The oblits and bolts of change should be able to take out transports and whatever small armor i'll see at 1k pts. after that its just a matter of getting squads into rapid fire range with no cover. I'm only playing friends and when we play this small its on a 4x4 table. That will help my slow army. I think i'll just deploy as far out in my zone as possible and just march to the center where i can reach almost the whole table. questions, comments, suggestions, all would be much apprecited
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I would drop one Sorc (or both and add a Lash Prince); you really won't need two Lashes at 1000 points. Use those points to buy a third Oblit, as they are the best part of this list, especially at 1000 points. Drop your Tson squad sizes down to 8 or 9. With the extra points from the squad reductions and Sorc, get a squad of Melta Plague Marines (Honestly I would just take three squads of melta PMs). If you can, buy your three troop choices some rhinos. And split your three Oblits into two or even three squads.

Tsons kind of suck. Yes that invuln can keep you alive longer while footslogging..but then again, why are you footslogging? Melta PMs, Noise Marines and Berzerkers will all perform much better.

At 1000 points I would take a Warptime Nurgle Daemon Prince, three cult troops (not Tsons) all in rhinos and two or three Oblits. Sorry if this seems like a re-write..but I feel it's necessary.
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