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Hi guys. With 8th edition coming along soon, I figure it's a good time to start thinking about a Fantasy army. I've had a couple Regiments of Dark Elves sitting on my shelf for like two years but as cool as the Dark Elves are, I want an army that's a little tougher and will be a bit more forgiving of dumb mistakes made by a newbie. After trying to decide between Beasts of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos (what? I like Chaos... just not in 40K), I think I've settled on the (mostly) human followers of the Dark Gods. Here's what I've managed to come up with so far. Note: The last time I played Fantasy was in 6th edition and I wasn't particularly good at it. I'm also mostly unaware of what changes are coming with 8th edition.


Exalted Champion
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Collar of Khorne
- Favor of the Gods
- Halberd
- Shield
Pts: 159

This guy's my General, so I figured it'd be okay to spend a couple extra points on him. The Mark of Tzeentch and Collar of Khorne (there's something you wouldn't see in 40K...) are there to stop this guy from getting stomped too hard by whatever nasties he might come across. Looking at the Fantasy armies in my area, it's common for people to use Magic at this points level, so I feel like the Magic Resistance will be worth the points, and the improved Ward Save is always nice.

Exalted Hero
- Additional hand weapon
- Shield
- Battle Standard Bearer
Pts: 144

I took this guy mostly because the idea of the best Leadership in my army being only 8 makes me uncomfortable. I'm used to Space Marines, sue me.


15 Chaos Warriors
- Full Command
- Shields
Pts: 270

The basic plan behind these guys is to find somebody squishy and beat the crap out of them. I know Warriors of Chaos are hard as nails but I'm paranoid that they'll get shot down by arrows and stuff so I gave them shields. Models this expensive shouldn't be stuck with such low armor saves. Again, I'm used to Space Marines. Oh and the General will roll with these guys.

19 Marauders
- Full Command
- Shields
- Light armor
Pts: 134

Maybe I'm delusional, but having no armor seems bad. The Full Command is there to maximize my chances of staying on the board long enough to kill something. I've heard great things about flails, but I happen to know that as far as Chaos units go, Marauders kinda suck, so it makes sense to keep them as cheap as possible. Oh and this is where the Battle Standard Bearer will go. The plan is to support the Warriors by sticking nearby and either charging in to help out or absorbing charges to stick enemy units in crappy situations. I doubt these guys will stand up to a charge from Cold One Knights or anything, but hopefully they can handle some Goblins or something.

5 Marauder Horsemen
- Chieftain
- Musician
- Flails
Pts: 93

These guys are there because they're cheap and fast. Hopefully they can flank big units and lay a beat down with their flails and not get completely killed in return. The Chieftain helps them not suck in combat too bad while the Musician makes them more likely to rally in the case that I use them as bait. They're also my cheap unit to pull Fanatics out of the 40 man blocks of Goblins I see around here.


3 Chaos Ogres
- Mark of Khorne
- Mutant Ogre
- Great weapons
- Chaos armor
Pts: 200

Man and I thought Terminators were expensive. :crazy: These guys better be freaking awesome or I'm gonna be pissed.

Oh, right. Um, these guys are there to hit stuff. Hard. Repeatedly, if need be. Basically, they just hit things with their big clubs/axes/tree trunks until it stops moving.

Total: 1,000/1,000


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Well, I think the heroes are ok. They won't pack a huge punch, but the magic resistance and BSB might come in handy.
The warriors aren't really worth it to be fielded in such an odd number as 16. When fielded 2×8 one or two of them might not get into combat, and if you field them 3×5(+1) the 5 guys in the rear grant 1 Rank Bonus, which isn't really what you've paid them for. They're best off in a unit of 2×6, as that maximises their killing capabilities (which they're best at). At this points level, a champion isn't really worth it either.
With the points saved on the warriors this way, you could give the Marauders a Mark of Slaanesh, which would greatly increase their staying capability. Otherwise they're fine.
The Marauder Horsemen would also benefit from a Mark of Slaanesh.
I've found the Ogres never worth it. Sure they pack quite a punch - but the same punch as warriors with great weapons would. Warriors are cheaper, have a lot of attacks too and a higher WeaponSkill and Initiative.
Knights would be another good option instead of the Ogres. Though a little bit more expensive, they're way tougher and can smash alsmost everything you send them at.

Well, this is my opinion. Hope it helps :)

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I think you'll find the ward save isn't something particularly necessary for your General-- I'd go ahead and stick with the theme of the army and give him the Mark of Khorne. He could also stand a better weapon than a halberd-- maybe give him the Sword of Battle instead. His job should be to put out as many attacks as he can against units, while a unit champion deal with the required and unavoidable challenges.

The Battle Standard Bearer is fine as he is. If you're really worried about magic, you might consider giving him Fury of the Blood God.

15 Warriors is the magic number, in my experience. I'd drop one to make room for the General, so you've got a unit of 3x5. Hand Weapons, Shields, and the Mark of Khorne is a -very- hard unit to deal with.

The Marauders are... not a good unit. If you're going to bring them, just give them flails and nothing else-- it keeps 'em cheap while maintaining them as a threat. Light armour on its own doesn't save anyone, and Marauders aren't there to actually do any real fighting-- they're there to stick a unit in place for a turn to set up a charge for the Warriors. The hand weapon and shield combination in conjunction with light armor gives you a 4+ armor save, which isn't bad... but really... the points can be better spent elsewhere. I'd just bump the unit up to 20, I think. The Champion in the unit will die horribly and really isn't worth bothering with in my experience, and the standard ends up getting captured in a unit as (relatively) squishy as the Marauders. Remember, the Marauders are there to die, and you don't want to spend too much on them. A 104-point unit of 20 with flails and a musician will do all you'll ever need, and free up points which can be spent on things that actually do the fighting for the army-- namely, Warriors.

Marauder Horsemen are fine. I wouldn't bother with the unit champion though-- Marauder champions still have to issue a challenge when able to do so, and they invariably go splat. It's a pricey upgrade, too.

At 1000 points, you don't need anything like Ogres (or comparable units like Knights or Dragon Ogres.) See if you can't squeeze a second unit of Warriors in there instead-- I think you'll find they do a lot more. When you get up towards 2000 points, then you can re-address your need for a Special unit like Ogres. I've found Ogres are fairly interchangeable with Knights and Dragon Ogres-- at the end of the day, it's a fast unit that smooshes stuff and causes Fear. At 1000 points, their talents seem largely wasted-- you can accomplish the same tasks with a unit of Warriors at this points level, in my experience, and have a much more resilient unit, to boot.

If you expand the army, I'd consider getting a couple units of 5 Warhounds. They're excellent to deploy first, and get your opponent to place units they actually care about before you have to deploy your Warriors. That way, your Warriors are in advantageous positions from the outset, and you're only investing 60 points in that advantage. And, occasionally, the warhounds manage to do something useful like flank an enemy or capture a table quarter.

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just take a hero and a caster. dont go lord yet hes still not worth it. Magic resistance has changed alot and is almost terrible.

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just a quick suggestion for a list would be

Lord enchanted shield 245pts
mark of Khorne biting blade

28 chaos warrior halberds
shields 476pts

2*5 marauder horsemen
flails mark of khorne 220pts

total 996pts

may appear a big block of warriors but everyone gets to attack in it if the units 10 wide and big units are what you will start to see in fantasy now with everything in your army at s5 you will be making happy against pretty much everything
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