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Forse org per person is 1 HQ 1-3 Trops 0-1 elites 0-1 heavy and 0-1 fast attack


attack squig, power klaw
cybork, 'evay armor
pts 110

Elites: 225

15 lootas
pts 225

Troops: 645

(X3) Ork boyz mob
30 boyz nob with PK
pts 645

TOTAL ::: 980

heres what my ally has...
archon + 5 incubi retinue tooled out and on raider
wych squad on raider tooled out
ravager with disitedrators
reaver jetbikes with blaters
2 warriors squads with 2x dark lances each. 1000 points.

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I'm digging the combination of the resiliency of your hordes and the fast-striking potential of his DE. Looks solid. Not that you need to, but you might consider adding a kan mob. With all those dark eldar vehicles, your opponents have lots of AV 10/11 to shoot at anyway and I find kans do a lot to keep your boyz from getting tanks shocked and really threaten things like lightning claw terminators and khorne berzerkers.

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Culler has an interesting point. Oh and don't forget bosspoles.

HQ: 85

Big Mek - KFF
pts: 85

Elites: 150

10 lootas
pts 150

Troops: 630

(X2) Ork boyz mob
28 boyz nob with PK, BP
pts 416

Ork boyz mob
29 boyz nob with PK, BP
pts 214

HS: 135

Kan Mob
3 x Kanz w/ Grotzooka
pts: 135

TOTAL ::: 1000

Lootaz can be pretty redundant after 10 or so. so dropping them down for more AV in this double list is a great idea.

Ask the TO if the KFF can help the DE units too. I have seen it both ways

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agree with Tossy to not forget the bosspoles however Lootaz in 15s for me has always worked out fantastically. Lootaz on the board are always a threat even if there are only 3 or 4 left and the extra Lootaz force your opponent to shoot more at them freeing up other threats in your army. Just my opinion.
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