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Hi all,

I could do with a bit of help on a list I am working on as I consistently loose, probably due to horrendous dice god prejudice and moronic tactics, however it would be good to at least start on the right track. We play very casually in our group and models easily proxy as long as they are same base/size (i.e. LRBT as demolisher, Ven as Valk, Chimera as Hellhound etc.)I have the following models for my guard:

1x Company Command squad
1x Lord Commissar
1x Platoon Command squad
2x 10 troops
(assortment of special weapons: meltas, plasmas, flamers snipers, grenade launchers)
5x Heavy Weapon bases with interchangable weapons
10x Scions
2x 10 man Veteran squads
1x Vendetta
2x Chimeras
3x LRBTs
1x Aegis
1x Baneblade

Current list is as follows:
Knight Commander Pask in Punisher with camo netting, HB and 2x HB sponsons
With Executioner LC and HB sponsons​

5 Man Tempestus squad with 2x plasma

2x 10 man vets in chimera with 2x meltas

1x Demolisher with HB

Idea is that Pask sits back with Exey mate and shoots stuff, Chimera Vets either get objs or go off and go after priority targets with Demolisher support.

Scions DS in shoot down TEQs or grab objectives.

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Your list is not bad at all, pound them with leman russ and do drive-bys with the chimeras. 3 LR in a 1k makes you a bit vulnerable to assault if they get to you and the scions may be preventing you from fielding enough capturing units.

Few ideas:

Protecting armor - Rather than using Chimeras and special weapons for vets, try using the Forward Sentry Doctrine and a Heavy Weapon like Auto Cannon or LasCannon. Use the infantry to provide a shield for your tanks. The extra 130-150 pts can add a second (or 3rd) vet squad. Or 150 on a valkyrie with MRP for one of the vet squads and give em meltas to be anti tank and linebreaker

Platoon - Trade BS 4 for more warm bodies; sub the 160 pts from veterans for 2 infantry squads 1 melta and 1 Platoon Squad with a heavy weapon. you can put the 2 infantry squads in the chimera and take advantage of the las gun array (move 12 in and shoot 6 lasguns at BS 3) or put the PCS in one chimera and take advantage of the 2 fire points. Then to top it all off, sub out the demolisher and Scions for a vendetta and Special Weapons team, they are only 6 models and can squeeze in to the tight fit of a Vendetta transport and give them any special weapon x3 including the DEMO CHARGE ( I like 1 demo Charge and 2 flamers personally) .

Proxy - Trade scions for 10 ratlings; thats 10 snipers with camo that can shot and run same turn as well as infiltrate. Try subbing Demo+Bolter for a manticore; it flatens armor but lacks high AP value >10 strength + ordnance + barrage can wreck vehicle/squadrons with low side armor value and it has 4 shots but will likely expire before exhausting those.

Hope this helps, I have not played much 7th Ed. but 5th and 6th I played Guard with about the same units you listed and had space marine and necron opponents, victories were far in between but when I got them they were sweet.
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