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Ok, I'm kicking around this idea for a Dreadnought army for IH. I really need some input to help me along.

Ironhands Army

MotF; Power Axe
Servitor w/HB
MotF; Conversion Beamer
Dreadnought; MM, CCW, SB
Dreadnought; PC, ML
Ironclad Dreadnought; CF, ICAL, 2 HKML, Drop Pod w/ DWML
Venerable Dreadnought; TLLC
Venerable Dreadnought; TLLC

The plan for this is to have the two Ven Dreads in the back with the MotF and C Beamer with one Servitor. The other MotF will march with the other Dreads and the HB servitor while the Ironclad pods in for close combat.

To me, looks like it will be fun and fun to play against, but, C&C as always is welcome. BTW, the total clocks in at 990.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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