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I'm actually testing the following as a start for a bigger army or to ally other imperial armies.

10 vangards 3x plasma calivers omnisphex
10 rangers 3x arc rifle omnisphex
5 rangers 2x arquebus omnisphex
5 rustalkers prensile dataspike
3 ballistarii
3 onager

I've made two games by now, one against tau and one against Astra militarum, the first taken to a draw, the second basically tabled. By now what i learnt is that both vanguards and rangers are good but not the est of the draw, ballistarii are great tarpitters and generally speaing woring as intended. Rustalkers are actually the meanest unit, having 25" of average threat range for chargin first turn. The onagers did their job, again working as intended.
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