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Hi All,

below is my 1k list which I have been doing well with. However i'm struggling to know what to do to expand it.


20 WOC Halberd, Shield MoN
5 Chaos War hounds
Chariot MoN
5 Knights MoN Ensorcelled weapons

There are so many things I could add, yet I really want to add a second infantry block as I am loath to have just the one - not used to it

I was thinking about adding

a level 4 sorcerer MoN
Exalted hero BSB MoN
3 or 4 Dragon Ogres Great Weapons

do I then use the rest of the points to make the knights up to 10 strong or do I add another unit of warriors

what advice do you guys have?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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