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Hi All,

below is my 1k list which I have been doing well with. However i'm struggling to know what to do to expand it.


20 WOC Halberd, Shield MoN
5 Chaos War hounds
Chariot MoN
5 Knights MoN Ensorcelled weapons

There are so many things I could add, yet I really want to add a second infantry block as I am loath to have just the one - not used to it

I was thinking about adding

a level 4 sorcerer MoN
Exalted hero BSB MoN
3 or 4 Dragon Ogres Great Weapons

do I then use the rest of the points to make the knights up to 10 strong or do I add another unit of warriors

what advice do you guys have?

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What you add really depends on what you like to use. WoC are nice that way in that you can run just about any of the units and make them work.

If you like the blocks of infantry, add another unit of Warriors. How big were you thinking for the warriors? Another group of 20? If so, the sorc lord, 20 warriors, and 4 DOs will just about use up your next 1000pts. Of course, that all depends on how you kit them out.

My 2K lists generally include:
--Lvl 3 or 4 Sorc Lord
--BSB on daemonic mount
--brick of 18-20 warriors
--a core chariot or 2
--2 units of 5 or 6 hounds
--a gorebeast chariot
--chimera & unit of 5-6 knights or unit of chosen

Sometimes stuff gets shuffled about a bit more depending on what kind of surprise I want to throw out there.

I think the Sorc and BSB are definitely a must at 2K. The DOs are a good choice. I sometimes run a group of 3 (have 3 of the old metal ones that I need to get new bases for now ... ) and they do ok.

Hope this helps some. :victory:

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A Fun Chaos Lord to toss around is if you have the points to spend on him
Chaos Lord with MoN on Barded Chaos Steed.
Fencer's Blade, Glittering Scales, Potion of Strength and Scaly Skin
that gets to be 344pts on a Nurgle Chaos Lord
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