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Here is an BatRep from the last game I had against the Old Chaos.... It was fun as both of us are Vets, and we were actually trying to pound on each other

Eldar (general = moc065)
(130) 1 Autarch on Jetbike, Laser Lance and F-Gun.
(162) 6 Harlequins; Shadowseer and 6 Kisses.
(118) 6 Howling Banshees; Exarch with Executioner.
(142) 4 Jetbikes and a Jetbike Warlock with Destructor.
(76) 3 Jetbikes with 1 Shuri-cannon.
(185) 1 Falcon with Pulse, Shuri-cannon, Shuri-cat, h-field, v-engine, and s-stones.
(185) 1 Falcon with Pulse, Shuri-cannon, Shuri-cat, h-field, v-engine, and s-stones.
Totals 999, 22 models, 6 scoring units.

Chaos Undivided (general = Triston)
(75) 1 Chaos Lieutenant, Mark of Chaos Undivided; Kia Gun
(148) 7 CSM, Mark of Chaos Undivided; CCW’s and B-pistols.
{43} 1 Aspiring Champ, Mark of Chaos Undivided; P-fist and B-pistol.
(148) 7 CSM, Mark of Chaos Undivided; CCW’s and B-pistols.
{43} 1 Aspiring Champ, Mark of Chaos Undivided; P-fist and B-pistol.
(144) 6 Noise Marines, Mark of Slaanesh; Fearless; Warp Scream; 4 Sonic Blasters, Blastmaster and Bolter.
(140) 5 Daemonette Riders, Daemonic talons, Daemonic Speed; Fleet of Claw; summoned.
(170) 6 Havocs, Mark of Chaos Undivided; 4 Missile Launchers, 2 Bolters.
(170) 6 Havocs, Mark of Chaos Undivided; 4 Missile Launchers, 2 Bolters.
Totals 995, 40 models, 6 scoring units.

Neither Triston not myself had played against each other in some time… and He remembered me as a Saim-Hann player where I remembered him as a Blood Angel player. Obviously our armies where much changed since our last game, so this looked to be a good game, where both of us should be able to have fun and learn a fair bit.
We used a 8 X 4 Table and rolled for Cleanse mission with Alpha scenario. Chaos picked quarter, Eldar set-up first, and Chaos had first turn.
Set up was as shown, with the Chaos Daemonettes waiting to be summoned and the Eldar Harlequins and Banshees in respective Falcons.

Table and Set-up

Turn 1
A Noise Marines, LT and CSM’s all move, there was no shooting and no assault.
B Jetbikes “Turbo”, and Falcons move into position, there was not shooting and no assault.

I didn’t play quite as aggressively as some player would; but, with a large table I was in the mind-set to see if I could divide his units and work on them piecemeal.

End of turn 1

Turn 2
A Daemonettes roll a 1 to be summoned (fail). Noisies, LT, and CSM’s move to gain better position. 1 havoc squad has shots at the Falcon with Banshee’s but fail to glance its armour. There were no assaults.
B Eldar go on the move towards the enemy. Jetbikes and the Autarch shoot and kill 1 CSM. Both Falcons dis-embark there infantry and then poor all of their shooting into the Noisies, the Chaos armour is awesome only 2 Noisies go down. The Jetbikes with the Warlock use their assault move to pop in front of the Falcon’s (blocking the Harlies and Banshees from immediate assaults), the other Jetbikes move behind cover, and the Autarch moves behind the Ruins (easily passes his d-terrain test).

The Eldar draw first blood; but, a lot of the army is now exposed to the Chaos…. Will this aggression pay off, or will the Eldar be punished for their over-confidence. We will see if the Autarch and small Jetbike squad can succeed in luring away a part of his army.

End of turn 2

Turn 3
A Daemonettes roll a 2 to be summoned (Fail). CSM’s and LT move into cover, they then shoot the Jetbike squad and kill 2 of them (Shuri-cannon Jetbike passes tests). 1 Havoc squad shoots Jetbikes (only visible target) killing 2, Noises shot Jetbikes and kill 2 more (Warlock passes tests), other Havoc squads tries to shoot Banshees (fails target priority test) ends up shooting the Falcon; but, bounces off of its armour.
B Both lone Jetbikers pass their Last Man Standing tests. Eldar are on the move now. Considering that both Jetbike Squads just got obliterated by his shooting; maybe its not such a good thing to be standing around in the open, its high time to be aggressive and show Chaos just how CC orientated the Eldar can get. The Warlock moves forward and then roasts a Noisie with his Destructor. Both Falcons move and then shoot at his CSM; but, again the Chaos armour is strong and they only manage to kill 1. The Autarch moves around the enemy Flank, and then he quickly dispatches 4 Havocs with his Laser Lance in the assault. The Harlequins run forward (move & fleet), they are moving so quickly that they run right over the Noisies (killed remaining 3 with their “rending attacks) and keep moving towards the Havoc squad. The Banshee’s also run at the enemy and manage to take down 5 CSM that were foolishly hiding in cover, unfortunately 2 of the Girls are lost in return combat. The lone Shuri-cannon Jetbike moves and shoots the CSM’s but has no effect (Chaos armour holds strong again) and then uses its assault move to try and get over to help with the CC.

So the Eldar aggression paid off, yes I did loose 8 Eldar (6 JB’s and 2 Banshee’s); but, Chaos lost 14 models including the Noise Marine Squad. And, 1 Havoc squad is shut down in CC with the Autarch. The plan is working so far.

End of turn 3

Keep reading.

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Turn 4
A Daemonettes roll another 1 for summoning (Fail – and lucky for me so far). The havoc squad tries to shoot the Harlequins but only get 10” on their Veil of Tears test and they need 11” (more luck for me, as 4 Frags could have hurt a lot). CSM move out of the woods, they shoot the lone Shuri-cannon Jetbike and after being riddles with holes it crashes to its doom. CSM’s in CC with Banshee’s loose one more; but take down a Banshee as well. And the Havoc/Autarch CC has no change.
B Warlock passes LMS test and then “Turbo’s” towards Autarch. Falcons do a switch move and keep shooting the CSM’s, killing 1 more (OK, at this point the CSM armour is really starting to get on my nerves). Autarch kills 1 Havoc; but also take a wound. Banshee’s kill 1 CSM; but loose 1 Girl as well. And the Harlequins run into the other Havoc squad and kill 4 with the “Rending” (yes he actually saved against all other wounds).

Eldar aggression is still paying off. 2 more Eldar die and the Autarch take a wound; but, 7 Chaos Marines go down in the process, and all but 1 are due to CC. Now I did get lucky with the VoT test; but Triston was getting even more lucky with his rolls for 3+ armour saves.

End of turn 4

Turn 5
A Daemonettes roll a 6 and are summoned (there was on 1 icon left so his options were pretty limited as to what they could or couldn’t do). He used them very well, moving, fleeting, and the assaulting the rear armour of my Falcon – Immobilizing it. His CSM squad then moves, shoots and assaults my other Falcon – Immobilizing it as well (he got pretty lucky here, I think). In CC the CSM’s do another 1 for 1 exchange with the Banshee’s, the last Havoc goes down to the Autarch, and the Harlequins easily dispatch the other Havoc’s.
B My Warlock passes LMS test and then “Turbo’s” toward CSM’s. The Autarch moves and shoots at eh CSM’s and kills on with his F-gun, and then keeps moving towards the CSM’s with his assault move. 1 Falcon shoots the CSM’s killing 1, while the other Falcon shoots the Daemonettes killing 2. The Banshee’s finish off the CSM squad and move towards the Daemonettes with the massacre move, while the Harlequins run (big 1” fleet move) towards the few remaining enemy soldiers.

I could not believe that both Falcons got Immobilized (but, you take the good with the bad). I only lost 1 Eldar (a Banshee) and I did manage to get rid of 9 more Chaos figures. He still had a scoring unit as did I; but I had a feeling that I could take care of those Daemonette to secure the win.

End of turn 5

Turn 6
A The Daemonettes keep bashing on the Falcon and remove 2 weapons (try to guess which ones). Then his CSM’s and LT do the exact same thing to my other Falcon. At this point I was starting to wonder if I would have enough time and oomph left to kill some of those Daemonettes.
B Warlock passes LMS test again (this guy is not going anywhere without approval), he then moves in and roasts 2 CSM’s with his Destructor. The Banshee’s move, fleet for position, and then assault the Daemonettes (killing them all – he was not quite as good at rolling 5+ invulnerable saves). The Harlequins run towards the enemy (they actually got a decent 4” fleet for the first time this game), but now there is nothing for them to assault. My Autarch moves in a kills 1 more CSM with his F-gun; but I choose not to go into CC with the Chaos Lieutenant, as it is unsporting to overkill an enemy and rub his nose in it.

We did play turn 7 for fun and the Chaos LT managed to move and shoot the last 2 Banshee’s, then on my segment the Harlequins ran him over and killed him with 5 “Rending” wounds before I even rolled for regular wounds….

End of turn 6

Eldar Win
With 1 scoring unit, a fully intact Harlequin squad in his Deployment Quarter. I still had my Warlock, 2 Banshee’s, 2 sorely beat-up Falcons, and the Autarch; while Triston had his Lieutenant.

Combat ROI (return of investment) from worst to best.
---- (164pts) All Jetbikes took down maybe 45pts of CSM’s.
-- (370pts) of Falcons took down the remaining 165 or so points.
= (55pt) Warlock roasted about 55pts between the Noisie and the 2 CSM’s.
++ (130pt) Autarch took down 170pts of Havocs and a CSM for 185 total.
+++ (162pts) Harlequins took down 170pts of Havocs and 2 Noisies for about 240pts.
++++ (118pts) Banshees took down a squad of CSM’s and 3 Daemonettes for 228 total.

I hope you enjoyed the BatRep.

Cheers and Happy Gaming.


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Thanks for all the possitive the replies.

I have had several more games with that list; but it is now retired with a 13-0-0 score.... I feel it is just too sick and unless I go to a 1K tourney, I am putting it on the shelf. It was a great test of combined Bei-Tan/Saim-Hann aggressive styles though, and it prepared me very well for many other games I have since played.

I will try to post more BatReps; but I am slow with Pics and such so bear with me.

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Great report! I always like well played games between skilled players. Sounds like your CC really ran over the CSM which is always refreshing. Some CSM armies have a few powerhouse CC squads marching around and it drives me nuts. LOL

Take Care


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It could have been a blood bath if the luck of rolls would have gone the other way.. Well played by the eldar but try not to leave your units exposed if possible:biggrin:

You were outnumbered by marines :laugh:
well played other then that and nice victory.
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