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Hi Y'all,

Ive put together all my Death Guard and have a 1k list. Its a fluffy list so nothing too serious.

Durak Rask (The Reaping)

2x 10 man Tactical Squads
Legion Heavy Support w/Lascannon
Legion Heavy Support w/Missile Launcher
Legion Heavy Support w/ Volkite Culvern

The plan would be to advance with the tactical squads and have Rask in with the Lascannon team giving Tank Hunters and try keep the other 2 squads within 12" of him to use his warlord rerolls.

Benefit of The Reaping is that everything is scoring :D

Nothing fancy but I think its alright. Any suggestions on what could be better and what should I get next for bigger games?

Im thinking next to get:
Phosphex Quad Mortars
Graviton Rapiers
Bigger blobs of Marines and Heavy's
Grave Wardens or Death Shroud
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