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I have decided to branch into an army that is not one of the "good" guys. I play Eldar, IG, and GK but like the style of DE. This is my first go at them and i have only read the Codex so any suggestions or comments are very wecome. I plan on using them as allies as i get my force up untill i get enough to run alone.

Lelith Hesperax (My group plays lots of terminators and lords so i would like a CC to nuke them with)

Incubi (x5)
Incubi (x5)

Kabalite Warriors (x10)
Kabalite Warriors (x10)
Wyches (X10)

Voidraven Bomber

Raider (x3) (for troops/Incubi)

Plan is to break down the opponents strategy by taking out there linch pin troops and vehicles.

Incubi/Lelith for Teq/Meq, raiders/voidraven for vehicles, and warriors for MC's.

Fast attack can be taken care of by bogging them into CC from open topped Trans.

I have not decided on the equipment to give anyone as i would like to run them proxy and see what works. Thanks!
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