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You are correct on your percentages heres a rundown.
- max 25% lords, you have 22%
- max 25% heroes, you have 19%
- min 25% core, you have 44%
- max 50% special, you have 15%
- max 25% rare, you have 0%
Summed up its a 100%, so no mistakes have been made.

Now about your question on spear ranks, you get;
- 1 normal rank with full attacks
- +1 rank from the step up rule but only with 1 att each (ogre sized bases get 3 att)
- +1 rank from using spears but only with 1 att each
- +1 rank from the horde rule, not sure if you get only 1 att or full attacks.

As it is your spear unit has all points applied to them except for the horde rule. So they can attack with maximum attacks in the front rank plus 2 more additional ranks with only one attack.

That is all I can do for you cause I dont know anything on Beastmen.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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