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Karghror stampede

Special Notes
- Gorebull will be with Ungor spearmen
- Wargor BSB will be with Gor Herd #1
- Bray-shaman will be with Bestigors


Blackspine the Tyrant; Gorebull: 222 pts.
- Heavy Armor, Shield, Ramhorn Helm, Steel Claws

Kharghror, Chief of the Vile Hoof tribe; War-gor : 116
- Heavy Armor, Shield, BSB

Ichor-wind; Bray-shaman : 75
- none


Core 1:Gor Herd. 20 (5x4 deployment):166 pts
- Musician, AHW, Primal Fury, Ambush
BSB will join this unit

Core 2: Ungor Herd: 21 (129)
- Spear, Shield, Primal Fury, Ambush, Musician
Gorebull will join this unit. SLAUGHTERER'S CALL will grant Frenzy

Core 3: Gor Herd: 10 (5 x 2 formation): (105)
- Foe Render, Musician, SB, AHW, Primal Fury, Ambush
used for Ambush, assisting in taking out war-machines & flanking

Core 4: Ungor Raiders:6 (39)
- Primal Fury, Ambush, Musician, Hand Weapon, Short-bow, skirmisher
used for ambushing and assaulting warmachines


Special 1: Bestigors:12 (6x2 formation) (150)
- GW, Heavy Armor, Primal Fury, Despoilers, Musician
the Bray-shaman will go in this unit

Army Total: (1002)
notes below.

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notes to my first list

This is my first army list and also first attempt at an 8th ed army! Needless to say there WILL be mistakes.

My biggest concerns is that I believe that I'm off on the %'s for core/heros/ Special. I've been reading (lurking) around the forums, so I hope I got the %'s right.

If the % of Heroes are off, I'd lose the Bray-shaman and fill out the Core 1 Gor-Herd and add more ranks to the Core 2 of Ungor Spearmen. Even with a few more points I would possibly add some screening Chaos Warhounds.

The concept is clearly a horde-army, though nothing as big as Skaven or O&G could field. The Ranks of the Core 1 & 2 are meant to hold the enemy with sufficient power. They can't kill many things my themselves, but they sure could do some decent damage while 'tar-pitting' and waiting for the flanking units. Ungor Spearmen should have 2 attacks each due to the S.Call frenzy from the doom bull and have rank fighting due to the spears.
- I'm not sure on the new rules and spear ranks, so any advice would be nice since the 8th ed book isn't out yet. If they can fight in 4 ranks, I will fill out the Ungor even more. It's a cheap unit and a great sink for the enemy to concentrate on.

the Ambushers (core 3 & 4) should be sufficient to tackle most warmachines at this point level. Core 3 (Gor herd, AHW, Full command) will help with outflanking enemy units stuck on the 2 larger units (core 1 & 2). If Core 4 (ungor raiders) manage to do anything, even tie up enemy shooting and die for a round, I'll be pretty happy. Musician to help them rally.

The killing power of this army mostly comes from the Bestigors that include the shaman. I'm hoping to use them to flank any units stuck on the larger units and possibly take advantage of their "despoiler" tactic (hijacking banners). I'm curious to see them in action after the implementation of the 'step up rule'.

Core 1 is where the BSB will be and most of the army will center around him, mostly to take advantage of the BSB benefits. I would really like to beef up core 1 more, but this close in points, I'm at a loss. Maybe if the Bray-shaman is illegal, I would use those points (75 pts is a good amount of gors)

Ideas: was tossing around the following, but not sure how i'd fit them.

Beastman chariot: a good fast hitting unit, but for the price i feel that more infantry would work better. Especially since the new rules. I'd need more chariots than I could afford in this army to make it work

Chaos Warhouds: I love these guys, but not sure how i'd fit them. A screening unit ON TOP of ambushers would really buy my core units some time.

Chaos Spawns: Very fun units, though not very reliable. 2 for 1 special is handy. Ideally I'd have them protect the flanks of the core units, but the cost of these guys would offset this army. If they moved faster, they could potentially block the other army so I could start out by flanking the enemy and set up charges.
...hrm...not a bad idea.

Too many options!

*edit* please excuse the fluff names.

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You are correct on your percentages heres a rundown.
- max 25% lords, you have 22%
- max 25% heroes, you have 19%
- min 25% core, you have 44%
- max 50% special, you have 15%
- max 25% rare, you have 0%
Summed up its a 100%, so no mistakes have been made.

Now about your question on spear ranks, you get;
- 1 normal rank with full attacks
- +1 rank from the step up rule but only with 1 att each (ogre sized bases get 3 att)
- +1 rank from using spears but only with 1 att each
- +1 rank from the horde rule, not sure if you get only 1 att or full attacks.

As it is your spear unit has all points applied to them except for the horde rule. So they can attack with maximum attacks in the front rank plus 2 more additional ranks with only one attack.

That is all I can do for you cause I dont know anything on Beastmen.

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