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Hello people i'm thinking about an orc&goblin 1000 point list.

10 spider riders full command shortbows - 170 points
6 river trolls - 270 points
40 night goblins hw/s full command netters 3 fanatics -270 points

night goblin great shaman lvl 4 gamblers armour enchanted shield luckstone ironcurse icon shrieking blade
220 points

Night goblin big boss light armour shield bsb banner of eternal flame.

The bsb and great shaman Will join the unit of night goblins. The ironcurse icon is to help the goblin dont get splattered by elven bolt throwers , hell cannons and other stuff. The banner is for large creatures like hell pit abominations and other stuff.the shrieking blade makes it easier to hit my enemies as it causes fear.
The armour and shield and luckstone are to protect the wizard.
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