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After reading a bit on the Lexican site



I came across a reference to the 19th Brimlock Dragoons being left behind in TAU space and surrendered. I have also read up on the Gue'vesa and they form a signficant portion of the Tau military in the outlying planets. Based on what I have read, it seems very possible that there is/could be and entire Imperial Guard Armored Regiment or more that is fighting for the Tau.

Since I already have about 2500 points of Tau, I would like to build a complementary IG ACR. It would also serve as an independent army for tournement purposes, but would be painted in such a way as to blend in with my Tau for larger games/Apoc cities of death etc.

Does anyone have any experience/thought/ideas on how to do this?

My generic Tau army consists of:

1 x Aun'va
1 x Shadowsun
1 x Farsight
1 x Aun'shi
2 x Battle suit commanders
4 x Body guards


6 x Battlesuits
9 x XV25 Stealth suits


36 x Fire warriors
36 x Kroot
3 x Shapers
3 x Devilfish

Fast Attack

16 x Gun Drones
3 x Piranhas

Heavy Support

2 x Hammerheads
3 x XV-88 Broadsides


12 x shield drones
3 x marker-light drones

My intent with making a combined force like this would be to have the fire warriors and IG troops be more static/holding force while my hammerheads/XV88s get a good amount of stand off due to their range while using IG armor as a mobile shock force with the Fast Attack providing the flanking/harassing attacks.

I guess that bottom line is that I am going to do it, so your help is appreciated.
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